Schwinn midmoor hybrid bike for men

What is a hybrid bike? A hybrid bicycle is one that has features of both mountain bikes and road bikes, thereby being more versatile than either. Hybrid bikes are ideal for people who want a bike to ride on a daily basis, for example to commute to work in the city, but who also want to ride their bikes recreationally on weekends on bike paths or in some off-road situations.

The best hybrid bikes combine the sturdiness of a mountain bike with the lighter weight and speediness of a road bike, often for a price less than you would pay for either. Like mountain bikes, hybrid bikes allow you to ride comfortably in a relatively upright position, and are sturdily built, able to carry more weight and withstand the wear and tear of daily commuting in the city, such as bouncing over potholes. Hybrid bike tires are also wider than those of road bikes, which allows for greater stability and traction. At the same time, like road bikes, hybrid bicycles have light rims allowing for faster riding, and their components are light, and the gearing is taller, which promotes faster riding.

Schwinn Volare hybrid bike

Hybrid bike wheels are wide like the wheels of mountain bikes, but their recommended air pressure is higher than that of mountain bikes, and in line with the recommended air pressure for road bikes. The higher tire pressure allows for faster riding by reducing resistance. Their spokes and rims are lighter than those of mountain bikes, and like those of road bikes, which means that they are less sturdy than the rims and spokes of mountain bikes. Hence, it is recommended that hybrid bikes not be used in extreme off-road situations, unlike mountain bikes.

Hybrid bicycle reviews : best hybrid bikes for the money


There is no one universal best hybrid bicycle, but depending on your budget and specific needs (commuting to work vs for weekend excursions) it is possible to identify some hybrid bicycles that stand out ahead of the rest. Some top recommendations:


Specialized Sirrus Comp : The Specialized Sirrus Comp is overall one of the best hybrid bicycles for sale. It retails for over a thousand dollars, so might not be best choice for the budget-conscious, but its many positive features justify its price. It is fast and light, with carbon-fiber seat-stays and seat post, and an aluminum frame. It is also quite sturdy and you can mount a rack or pull a bike trailer with it.


Trek Atwood : Trek hybrid bikes are celebrated for their quality, and at under $500, it is hard to go wrong with the Trek Atwood if you are unwilling to shell out a bundle. It has 21 speeds, v brakes, double-walled rims and is very attractive. It is an ideal choice for those who want to use their bike as a workhorse as well as for weekend recreation, but are not prepared to invest a fortune in buying a high-end bike.


Specialized Sirrus Elite : This is one of the top choices for hybrid commuter bikes. It is a moderately priced option (about $900) for people who are looking to commute to work on a daily basis. It has 27 speeds, allowing you to navigate challenging terrain, and you will also be able to hit high speeds like a road bike.


Specialized Women's Ariel Elite : This is a ladies hybrid bike that is near the top of this category. It has an aluminum frame and 27 speeds.


Some of the other best hybrid bikes for sale include the following:


  • Jamis Coda Elite
  • Trek Valencia
  • Giant Rapid 0
  • Cannondale Quick 3


Whatever your needs, you should be able to find a great hybrid bike for sale that fits your requirements and budget. Happy riding!