Not even 10 years ago I was still watching TV on a tube television and I’m pretty sure it was sporting a “bunny ear” antenna.  Now we have apps like Dish Anywhere for iPad, which is what I will be reviewing today.


Dish Anywhere for iPad IS the future, it’s insane how cool this app is, I’ve personally tested Dish Anywhere’s capabilities from another country and it worked like a charm.  This is another free iPad app that could easily charge a one time or a monthly fee and still have tons of downloads.  Now, you do have to have a Dish Network subscription for this to work for you and with that subscription you will need what is called a Sling Adapter.  I bought mine when the technician installed my DVR for $30.  The Sling Adapter is what routes the TV access to your iPad.  All in all, it’s not a bad deal for what you get access to.  Even though this is an iPad app review, the Sling will sling signal to your iPhone, computer, and other devices.


Alright, so you’ve got your DVR, probably a Hopper, set up and your shiny new Sling Adapter plugged into the USB port on the DVR.  Now you’re already over half way there!  Next you should download the Dish Anywhere for iPad app onto your iPad and log in with your Dish network account ID.  You should now be on the home screen of your app.


dish homeCredit: Dish Anywhere for iPad

The home screen looks great and is broken down into easy to see and use sections.  First you will see your Featured On Demand titles available.  These are movies or shows that you can watch on demand, just like on your TV.  Following that, you have Live Sports and a few other categories to choose from.  So, if you are looking for something quick to watch or need to get an update on the big game then this makes it really easy.


Moving over one button will get you to the guide.  The guide is broken down just like you would expect to see on the big screen.  Scroll through and find whatever live show you’d like to watch and simply click on it.  This will bring up a dialogue box asking if you’d like to watch the show now or set it to record.  This is a very cool feature so if you forget to set your DVR for a show or event that you want to watch then just break out the iPad at work, out of view of the boss of course, and set it to record so when you get home you won’t have missed a thing!

One very minor fallback of the guide is that when you click on a show it will play a few seconds of whatever the last show you were watching is.  It’s not a big deal but can be annoying if you are trying to get to something quickly, either way it is by no means a deal breaker on this app.

guideCredit: Dish Anywhere for iPad

If nothing in the guide seems to satisfy your televised needs then move on over to the next item which is “My DVR”.  Yet another very cool feature here.  You can watch, on your iPad, anything stored on your DVR.  This does not use any storage space on your iPad, it simply pulls what’s stored at home and mirrors it to you.  So if you are planning a business trip or anything else that’s going to take you out of town for a few days, you can pre-plan your TV time and have tons of stuff to watch.  Like I mentioned before, it does work overseas so literally anytime you are away from home, no matter where in the world, this will work.  DVRing movies or shows from paid channels like HBO is allowed and works fine.  If you happen to have an empty DVR then you still have the On Demand and Blockbuster options waiting for you.  The Blockbuster is a pair service through Dish where you have unlimited access to movies they offer for around $8 per month, and of course, this all works on the app.


I would go as far as to say this app is almost worth switching entire satellite providers over to Dish Network.  If you are away from home a lot or have a job where watching TV isn’t frowned upon (lucky!) then Dish Anywhere for iPad is a must have.  I would definitely rank it in my top 3 apps list.  


If you have any questions or just want to let me know what you think, fill up the comments section!  Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the next one!