Here is a list of some of my favorite multiplayer games for the iPad and other iOS devices.

1) Gun Bros - This is an amazing arcade style shooter by Glu Mobile. In this game, you and your bro can fight off waves of enemies and zombies with tons of different weapons, armor and power ups. This game had a recent multiplayer update that allows you to play with all of your game center or Facebook friends online. The current level cap is 200 and there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy. You can purchase weapon and armor upgrades with in game earned currency or premium purchasable currency. There are plenty of levels to keep you busy for a long time and the best part is, this app is free to play. 

2) Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard - This first person shooter by Ubisoft brings back memories of old Rainbow Six games. This game has an amazing campaign that allows you to control a squad of 2 other members for tactical missions. The multiplayer gameplay in Rainbow Six Vanguard is everything you would want to see out of a first person shooter for the iPad. There are tons of weapons, maps, level ups, achievements and much more. This game is a bit pricy but worth every penny. Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is by far my favorite first person shooter to play on the iPad.

3) Order and Chaos Online - This MMORPG is similar to World of Warcraft, Rift and just about any other popular MMO out today. If you enjoy any of these other games and own an iPad, you will love Order and Chaos Online. GameLoft took a long time to update this game but it looks like they got the ball rolling on a few new updates including dungeons and pvp arenas. There are a few different classes you can choose from including DPS, Tank or healer. This game also has an auction house, profession skills, talent points and just about anything else you could ask out of an MMORPG. There is a monthly subscription fee to play this game but im pretty sure you can get 6 months of game time for $3.00. This game has tons of potential as long as GameLoft keeps updating the content. The current level cap is 60 but is said to be going up in one of the next couple of updates. If you are looking for an MMORPG to play for iOS devices, this is it. This game will easily keep you busy for months.

4) Modern Combat 2 - This game is another first person shooter for iOS devices. Modern Combat 2 is the closest thing to COD that you will find for the iPad. If you are a fan of first person shooter games, you will find this game easy to pick up and start playing. There are tons of different multiplayer gametypes and maps for you to choose from. I prefer Rainbow Six over Modern Combat 2 as far as gameplay goes but it seems like more people are playing Modern Combat 2. It is much easier to find a game online for Modern Combat 2 and it is still a must have for first person shooter fans.

These are by far my favorite multiplayer games to play on the iPad. There are tons of great single player games out there but few multiplayer games have caught my attention. Check out these great games on the app market and enjoy playing these multiplayer games online.