The highly anticipated and most advanced Apple product has arrived in the form of iPhone 4. As with any new product release there are dozens and dozens of accessories manufactured for use with it.The most popular and usually the first accessory purchased with a new phone is a snazzy case to protect it from dings and scratches. This article will highlight a few practical and protective designs that have already emerged for the sought after mobile device.

iphone 4 case (21666)The best iphone 4 case that protects protruding edges of the phone without covering up its beautiful design is the iPhone 4 bumper from Apple.The bumper is not a case in the traditional sense as it is just a ring that encases the edges of the phone.It is made of molded plastic and durable rubber to prevent dings and scratches on the phone edges as well as protecting the antenna.Its unique design allows users to lay the phone on a flat surface without scratching the composite plastic exterior of the phone even though this portion is not covered by the case.It comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, pink, red and green and retails for about 29 dollars on the Apple website or in retail stores.

A case for iphone 4 that offers protection all the way around as well as inside and out is the Case Mate for iPhone 4. Additional pictures and tech specs for the case can be found by visiting particular model boasts two layers of protection.The inner lining of the case is a silicon based material that prevents shocks and scratches from the case or a fall.The outer coating is an ABS plastic material which is also shock resistant.It comes in many popular colors and is good for the more rugged or active user of the phone.

These are only a couple of the best iphone 4 cases and there are literally hundreds of cases out there for the new device (given the fact that iPhone 4 is an alternative for netvertibles). It is a good idea to think about how you use your phone before you purchase one.For example if you wear a lot of jeans and stuff your phone in your pocket, a jelly or other silicon rubber type product may not be the best bet for you.Materials like these pick up a lot of dirt or dust and can be a pain to wiggle out of your pocket.A smooth hard cover case will make your life much easier.If you lead a more active lifestyle and do a lot of hiking, biking or other sporting activities, you may want to look into a case that offers added protection.