With the flurry of bad press and a highly anticipated release date for the new iphone 4, you would think that no one wanted one anymore which couldn't be further from the truth. As the new device continues to keep people on priority lists around the world, manufacturers have not slowed the ever increasing volume of cases for iphone 4 in as many varieties and styles as there were for previous models of iphone.

iPhone 4 cases (22364)While Apple continues to only sell the protective bumper for the phone, there are dozens of options on line from hard cases and skins to leather covers and carrying pouches. When deciding which would be the best iphone 4 case to purchase for your phone there are few things to keep in mind. The purpose of the case for most people is mainly to stop the phone from being scratched or damaged in some way.

With that in mind a variety of the thin silicon skins produced that simply stretch onto the phone. While easy and cheaper than other options, these products tend to do more harm than good. Silicon is sensitive to changes in temperature and it can become sticky. When particles of dirt or foreign objects from your pocket get in between the case and phone, the device gets scratched. If you can't live without it, one of the silicon best iphone 4 cases is the MiVizu iphone 4 G skin which is made of a much thicker silicon than other models.

It features access to all buttons and ports as well as camera and flash. The skin is compatible with iphone 4 16GB and 32GB models. The case also comes with a 90 day warranty and retails for about 12 to 15 dollars online. Silicon is great and cheap but a major drawback is that you can hardly get your device out of your packet with one on. If you are in the market for a hard case, Speck is a name you should look closely at. The company has made cases for previous iphone models and it features a line of hard shell iphone 4 cases that are rubberized on the inside and hard plastic on the out. The bonus is that they are no where near as thick as other hard plastic coverings.

For the iphone 4G, the Speck DH hard shell case is a stylish, protective and easy to use case. It won't hold onto fabric like silicon does so it's still easy to slip your phone in and out of your jean pocket. It runs a bit more than MiVizu at 24.99 online.