Traveling is a whole lot easier when you have a world of categorized, up-to-date, searchable information at your fingertips. And that's exactly what the iPhone gives you, with its wealth of travel-ready applications that will keep you in control of your trip no matter where you go. Here are some of the best iPhone apps for travelers today.

MoMPF Currency Converter
Price: $0.99
The MoMPF Currency Converter allows you to download and save in your phone the exchange rates of over 30 different world currencies. This way, you can convert money without incurring international data roaming charges.

Flight Status
Price: ($4.99)
With Flight Status, you'll always know when your flight leaves and arrives. You can search itineraries by flight or route number and by airport. You can get instant access to delay and cancellation information, ETAs, baggage claim information and en-route maps for U.S. flights.

Flight Update
Price: ($4.99)
This is another flight application that has a few additional features and an easy-to-use interface. You can, for example, view seating arrangement charts and in-flight meal information. Information is viewable for flights months in advance.

Price: (Free)
This free app lets you find New York airpot parking, the nearby cafés, gas stations, pubs, restaurants, and other points of interest. You get quick-links to local spots and the ability to search through online users reviews so you can better decide where to go.

Price: (Free)
This app does a lot of the same work as Yelp, but it has a more user-friendly interface and locations arranged in useful categories. You can create a favorites file and get maps and the best routes to take once you've selected a destination.

Lonely Planet Phrasebook
Price: ($9.99 each)
The Lonely Planet Phrasebooks are by far the best language apps you'll find in the Apple store. Lonely Planet has a phrasebook app for almost every language. They are sold separately, and can seem a bit pricy, but they are well worth it. You get fully voiced lessons, which are arranged under categories like, "accommodations" and "transport". Perfect for the busy traveler who needs to learn the local language on the go.