Smartphones are mobile phones that permit users to perform a wide variety of functions, such as typing (smart phones have a QWERTY keyboard, where keys are laid out in the same order as a regular keyboard), editing office documents and sending email.

The iPhone 3G, Blackberry Pearl, Palm Centro and Nokia E71X are models of smartphones. The smartphones are able to perform these roles because of specific programs, or applications (also known as apps) which enable these activities.

Some of the features set up on smartphones are also found on personal digital assistants (PDAs). Smartphones allow third party applications to be written for, installed and run on their own local operating system.

Book-related application software has surpassed games in the App Store, as a fraction of all applications which have been released. In October of this year, 20% of all fresh applications launched on iPhones were for eBooks.

Among the best iPhone apps for eBook fans, are software that can change your phone into an e-reader (eBook reader). Kindle for iPhone is the e-reader that allows you to examine any eBook on your mobile.

Each eBook that is sold on Amazon has to be read by means of a Kindle. If you have an iPhone, you don’t need to purchase a Kindle, you can just download the app and your mobile phone will work as an e-reader, so you can read your book without paying extra. Another of the best iPhone apps for eBook enthusiasts is Stanza. The Stanza software can turn either the iPod Touch or the iPhone into an e-reader.

One more e-reader(eBook reader) is Fictionwise’s eReader 2.0.1 for iPhone. With this app you can look through multiple eBook websites and also choose the text and background colors to suit your preferences. Ebooks (electronic books) have become hugely popular because they are cheaper and are available more quickly to the buyer than a conventional printed book.

Some of the best iPhone apps are written for kids. The best software includes story book applications for the mobile device which are written for children are interactive and enjoyable and have great visuals. Parents and kids can read the story books together on the phone. Some of them are; ‘Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Little Bella’s- I Close My Eyes’ and ‘Little Red Hen’.

The best iPhone apps incorporate coloring apps for kids available for the phone which spell the names of the drawings out loud and teach kids spelling. ‘Coloring Book’, ‘Coloring Fun’ and ‘Coloring Book: Christmas’ are among the best phone software which can make time spent waiting in line, for example, more fun for children.
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