When you are consindering buying an iPhone Dock it is important to establish for yourself what makes a good iPhone Dock. Is it just the sound performance? Or do you need some extra features as well. Here are some points to look for in your next iPhone Dock.

Best iPhone Dock - Establishing a Personal List of Requirements

Sound Quality

When you are going for a iPhone Speaker Dock, the most important thing would probably be the quality of the sound. There are a lot of audiophiles who will agree with you.

In this section a Bose iPhone Dock will probably be the best choice for you, as Bose has been around for ages in the audio section of technology. They know what good sounds is and how you can create it. In the SoundDock 10 for instance they use a pipe technology which allows you to put the music really loud, without having to give in with the quality. But on the other hand, there are a ton of other manufacturers which do a very good job. You can look for a Philips iPhone Dock as well for instance!


This totally depends on where you wish to use the device. If this is your bedroom, design is probably not that important. But if you wish to put your iPhone Dock in the living room, where you receive guests, you want to have a good looking iPhone Dock. One that fits with your furniture, one that says something about you.

Wish to carry it around?

If you are looking for something like a BoomBox from back in the days, only with a modern twist to it, you want to look for a portable iPhone Dock. The Philips DC390 won't be anything for you in that case, as this iPhone dock needs an AV connection all the time. The Bose Music on the Go package on the other hand has a battery life up to 6 hours, and has even a spare battery as well. Now, that is something you might want to look into when using the iPhone Dock at the beach.

Usability - What Should it be Able to Do?

Philips iPhone Dock DC390Credit: http://iphonedockreview.com/1/philips-iphone-dock-the-fidelio-dc390-review/Then another, very, important factor. What are you going it to use it for? Again, are you putting the iPhone Dock in the bedroom? In that case the Philips DC390 might actually be a good idea, as it has a clock in the front and dual ports, this enables you to put several iPhone's in it, when you are sleeping with your partner for instance.

If you want to listen to other music next to your iPhone's, then you might be interested in the Bose SoundDock 10 again, as this dock has a AUX port, so you can put any device in it you wish to listen to.

Pricing - Because You Don't Want to Pay Too Much

Last, but certainly not least, you want to look into pricing as well. If you are on a budget, the Bose devices with prices over 200$ might not be a good idea. You should look at an iPhone Dock Review before you buy something, in order not to waste money and to spend it wisely.

So when shopping for an iPhone Dock, you need to look at the design, the sound quality, the usability and the price. If you combine them all together, with your personal taste as well, you will find your best iPhone Dock!