RCA flat indoor antenna for sale

Indoor amplified TV antenna reception is often good enough that you can catch several dozen free stations, which means you can eliminate your cable bill. More and more people are getting rid of their cable service these days as the high price of cable is not worth it, especially when your budget is stretched. With many TV channels broadcasting HD signals for free, you can get great service for your HDTV using an indoor amplified TV antenna, or even an unamplified one. Furthermore, you no longer have to deal with ugly rabbits ears antennas anymore. The new indoor flat antennas look quite aesthetically pleasing and futuristic, and can be hidden away tactfully behind a picture frame or laid flat so that they are not noticeable. In fact, a flat TV antenna often performs better if it is laid flat rather than standing up. The best indoor flat TV antennas will give you crystal clear HD reception, and for just a one time cost of below $50, which is a great bargain when you consider the recurring monthly cost of cable.

A digital amplified indoor antenna is usually omnidirectional, meaning that it should be able to pick up broadcast signals no matter how it is positioned. However, you may find that placing it upright vs flat may make a difference to some of the weaker stations. Also, if you are having trouble with receiving some stations, you may find that moving it around, and especially placing it near a window, will help to improve performance. And you may have to move your flat antenna around a bit to get some specific stations. However, by and large, you should get excellent results with this antenna, and you can soon figure out one or two optimal positions for your amplified indoor antenna so that you can get the best use out of it.

Best indoor flat HDTV antenna

RCA 1650R indoor amplified flat antenna

While others may differ in their opinions, for me the best indoor flat TV antenna has been the RCA ANT1650R Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna. This RCA indoor TV antenna is designed to receive signals from 360 degrees around it, this reducing the need for adjustments (although you may need to fiddle with it a bit to get all the channels you want). It can support HDTV and regular broadcasts up to 1080p resolution. The RCA indoor antenna also comes with an amplifier that boosts the signal and allows you to catch relatively weak signals. This flat TV antenna also looks quite sleek, unlike clunky rabbit’s ears, and can fit unobtrusively behind a picture frame if you want to hide it. You can even paint over it to make it match the background against which it is placed. However, this flat indoor antenna looks rather sleek and stylish, and you might not mind placing it in a prominent location.

With the RCA indoor amplified flat antenna, I am able to get all the basic channels from the major networks as well a number of others ones that I could not get even with a cable connection. The HD reception is also excellent, and I do not miss getting rid of cable at all. The RCA TV antenna comes with an easel stand so that you can prop it up, although you may actually get better reception with it lying down, which also makes it less noticeable. Retailing at around $40, it is a very cost effective alternative to cable unless you are really hooked on specific cable channels.