Retirement is a time when most of us look to kick back and relax away from the daily grind of the workplace. Yet, for many retirees, post retirement employment becomes a desirable or even necessary option after a while. This could be because some people find time hanging heavy on their hands after a lifetime of work. In other cases, people have not saved enough for retirement, or their retirement finances have taken a hit in the recent economic turbulence. In any case, post retirement careers can help stretch those retirement dollars further, and also, in the best case, enrich a retiree's quality of life by keeping him or her engaged in the wider world, while also helping others with the wisdom accumulated over one's career. This article will describe some of the best jobs for retirees looking to stretch their finances while also enriching the quality of their retirement. Of course, jobs in retirement are not always going to be great, but by targeting your search in certain areas, you can increase your chances of finding financially and personally rewarding post retirement work.

Best jobs for retirees

Make money online : Online jobs are great for part time work from home. You could earn passive income by writing for sites like (this site), which will allow you to earn a cut of ad revenues from people clicking on ads as they browse your articles on this site. There are other writing sites such as, etc that share revenues. The nice thing about retirement work by writing for these sites is that anyone can join, and you can write articles on your own schedule. Although it takes some time and effort to build up a significant income this way, it is very doable by putting in consistent effort over several months in a relatively stress-free manner.

You can also find more traditional retirement employment online. For instance, there are online data entry jobs, customer service gigs, online tutoring and writing for upfront payment that you can do from the privacy of your home, as long as you have an internet connection. For upfront payment, one of the sites where you can make relatively easy money is Demand Studios. You can earn up to $15 an article, and these articles don't usually take too much time to research or write.

Work as a tour guide or docent : One great example of a part time job for retirees is that of a tour guide or museum docent. This is a way in which you can indulge in your interest in history, science or architecture, while also making an income and performing a public service by sharing your expertise with others. You can find tour guide jobs for retirees by contacting local libraries, museums and travel agents.

Office jobs : If you do not want to be up and about all the time (which will happen if you work as a tour guide) then an excellent alternative may be part time office or clerical work. There are some good retirement work options available as receptionists, telemarketers and data entry operators. This kind of part time work can bring in decent income without needing to move about too much. A possible advantage of office work over working at home (if you want to look at it that way) is that it gets you out of the house and allows you to spend time with others. Many retirees feel isolated and alone once they are out of the workplace, and working in an office part-time is a good way to stay connected with the wider world.

Consulting jobs : Consulting can offer really lucrative post retirement employment opportunities. This is a great option for skilled retirees in any field who will continue to have a lot to offer to their fields after retirement. If anything, consulting work in retirement could prove to be even more lucrative than your earlier career, even if you are picky about your assignments and tailor them to suit your preferred schedule. You could consult for the very same company from which you retired, as well as find clients among your earlier work contacts.

These are just some of the best jobs for retirees. There are many other options you could explore, such as substitute teaching, or turning a hobby such as photography, art and crafting into a part-time career. Whatever it is, there are a number of job options for retirees to make some decent money without affecting the quality of your retirement. Good luck!