Amsterdam has attracted tourists for decades. It is a wonderful European capital with a unique atmosphere that today attracts many companies and International organisations that realise the advantages of doing business in this very friendly city. Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for a holiday or for business purposes, you might like to think about checking out several quality Amsterdam apartments to stay in when visiting Amsterdam.


Choosing to rent a short-term let apartment may well prove to be a lot cheaper than booking into a hotel in Amsterdam. Having your own front door is very convenient and you have a lot more space and privacy when you rent a business or holiday flat. Hotels do tend to offer you limited space as well as being rather impersonal places to stay at, especially if you are staying in Amsterdam for any length of time.


Check out the 'Inner Belt' Areas of Amsterdam

 There are many options when it comes to areas of the capital to stay in, with some visitors preferring to stay in centrally located apartments or hotels. This means not having to take any trams and exploring Amsterdam on foot is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The 'inner belt' area which is inside the canals is often the preferred region for many visitors to stay in when on a trip to the capital. There are several areas within this inner belt which can be divided into distinct areas, some of which are listed below.


Dam Square

 One of the nicest places to stay is Dam Square which is a rather nice cosmopolitan area of the capital that boasts lots of shops, cafés as well as boutiques all selling a variety of goods that are both locally manufactured as well as imported products. The area has many historical and cultural venues which are all worth seeing during a visit to the capital. There are some very nice short-term let apartments available in the area too and of course, there are lots of hotels of every sort from budget to luxury establishments in Dam Square.


Central Station

 If you want to be right in the heart of Amsterdam, then Central Station is the place to be. This is the transport hub of the capital with trains, trams and buses running from here around town and to the rest of the country. The great thing about choosing accommodation in this part of the capital is that there is never that much traffic in the area even though it is considered the hub transport area.



 This is a great area to stay in because it is not that far from the much livelier area known as Liedseplein. This is a lovely quiet area of the capital that has lots of museums and many residential properties close by, making it the perfect choice to look at quality short-term let Amsterdam apartments if you want to be in the heart of the city.



 If you want to stay in a lively, vibrant area, then Leidseplein is one of the main night life areas of the capital. There are loads of clubs, bars, and restaurants in Leidseplein and although quieter during the week, it does get nice and busy at the weekends.



 This is a very charming residential area that's a little like Covent Garden in London. It's an arty place that attracts many visitors and it's a really nice place to stay in although there are not too many hotels as you'll find there are mostly residential apartments and guest houses in Jordann.



This is another quiet, residential area in Amsterdam but has a few select luxury hotels as well as guest houses.

Amsterdam is a wonderful European city to visit and there is a lot to do and see in the capital. Planning a trip to Amsterdam is an exciting experience that most people really enjoy. If you want to find the right type of Amsterdam apartments to rent for your stay in the vibrant and very unique capital of Holland, then the best place to look is online.