What is the Longest Lasting Cat Litter

Cat litter serves the single purpose of providing a place for cats to pee in the house – period.  Actually that’s not quite true. It can also be used for other house pets such as rabbits.  Whatever the animal though its nice to be able to minimize the frequency of changes of litter.  Low maintenance is good – right !.   So what is the longest lasting cat litter ?

 Howewer in the quest for that least effort solution its not a good idea to try take to many short cuts in this hygiene friendly task

To avoid cats (or other animals) from deciding to do its business elsewhere it is important that cat litter is change frequently . Cats like clean places to deliver their waste and not just clean place but places that don’t give off too much odour.  Bear in mind humans a have a much lower sense of smell and therefore a cat may smell something we don’t.  It might not take a lot for a cat to decide a new spot to “read the paper” is  required. That said there are few options when it comes to choosing cat litter.

 Clay and Clumping Cat Litter

 This is the traditional type of litter use.  This type of litter is the most affordable to buy and therefore very popular  however it has is drawbacks.  The performance it terms of longevity is not the best and the dust produce can cause problems for asthma sufferers


Biodegradable and Green Cat Litter

 Plant related sources such a newspaper, wood pellets and sawdust are the man ingredient of this sort of litter.  As such the product tend to have a longer lifespan than clay or clumping litter.  Feasibly this sort of product can last three to four weeks before needing changing but that also depends on the number of cats you have.  This sort of product has very little dust however the big disadvantage is that it is more expensive than the traditional clay products.


Crystal Cat Litter

 Silica gel is the ingredient in Crystal cat litter. This litter types has the highest absorption rate of any cat litter product. Not only that the crystals do an excellent job in removing odour for a much linger time than the previous two products mentioned. Its lifespan is longer even than Biodegradable Litter.

Crystal litter needs to be stirred daily so that the crystals that have not absorbed any urine will be used.   Without stirring cat pee could form pools in the tray and pass through over used crystals.  This should be done at the same time as removing any solid waste. As no clumping takes place it can be difficult to tell when the litter needs changing and this has been highlighted as a issue with this sort of litter. However it is possible to spot the time to make a change as crystals turn a yellow colour.  This means that the crystals are saturated with too much cat urine, and can no longer control the odour.  At this point  cats will rebel and look somewhere else in the home to pee


Whilst I would recommend Crystal Cat litter for longevity of use it is important to remember  maintenance needs to be performed daily no matter what type of cat litter is used. Solids need to be removed and an eye need to be kept on the try to ensure it is changed at the right time