We are going to take a look for what could be the best new Apple phone for 2012. Apple has one of the highest market shares of any phone manufacturer in the world, and it would take an extraordinary shift in consumer buying habits to alter this. This huge market share is due to the fact that many consider Apples phone to be the best in existence at the moment due to the overall package offered by Apple. Even the improvements of Android and Windows phone have yet to match some of the innovations and slickness of Apple's iPhone.

At the moment there is only one phone in Apple's lineup for 2012. The new iPhone 5 isn't expected to be released until mid to late 2012, and Apple’s release cycles are usually quite predictable but the gap between the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S was well in excess of a year. Such a gap may be because of problems encountered when manufacturing or simply Apple's intent to change its launch to better suit the Christmas buying season.

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iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was launched late last year and sports a dual core processor in the same body design as the iPhone 4. It packs a high-resolution “retina display”, eight megapixel camera with 1080p video recording. It has no memory card slots and comes with 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage. It's available on contract or as prepay/page you go in some countries with a pricetag that competes with the high-end Android and Windows phones. It is currently Apples only available phone for 2012, and is likely to be the contender for the best handset because of its feature set.

iPhone 5

The processor in the new iPhone five will most likely be an under clocked version of whatever will be the new iPad three, like what has happened with the iPad two and the iPhone 4S. The iPad three is expected to be announced in February or March 2012, and is likely to possess a quad core processor as well as some other improvements such as a higher resolution display. Whatever hardware Apple users, the high levels of optimisation between hardware and software means that the iPhone 5 in 2012 will be very speedy and capable of competing with the current generation of quad core processor powered phones running Android and Windows.

iPhone 5 specifications

The iPhone 5 specifications are based on rumours and the hardware used in other Apple devices. As previously stated, the iPhone 5 will most likely have the same or modified processor as the iPad 3. The form factor is likely to change as Apple follows the pattern of altering the look of their device every two years. In my opinion they will increase the screen size to 4.3 or 4.5in which offer more usability as they are plentiful in the non-Apple world.  I would also expect a slimmer bezel around the device, and would hope its design would become more slim line rather than the “brick” like current design. Competition such as the new Motorola RAZR may force Apple’s hand if it wants to continue to compete in the design stakes.

The iPhone Nano

It had been widely rumoured for many years, probably since the launch of the original iPhone, that Apple will launch an iPhone nano.  At the moment you can get a low cost handset by buying one of the older Apple handsets such as the 3GS and iPhone 4. These offer the same 3 .5 inch screen but with gradual reductions in processing power and other specifications as you go back in time. I think the likelihood of Apple releasing an iPhone Nano is quite low as Apple does not tend to dilute their brand. They also prefer to focus on the bleeding age of technology and create the best phones, rather than purposefully create lower end phones (the iPhone 4 and 3GS were relatively cutting edge for their time).

Are you waiting on the best new Apple phone for 2012? Are you waiting for an iPhone Nano or iPhone 5? Is there any specification you would like these new Apple phones for 2012 to have? Please leave a comment below.