Many households get robbed while unsuspecting holidaymakers are enjoying their stay on the beach. Sadly, many of those people lose all their savings. Though, it does not have to be this way. Perfect your skill in hiding money at home and you will be spared of any unpleasant surprises. Read on to find out what the best places for hiding money at home are.

It is important to realize that not every hiding place will keep your money safe. Dividing your savings into several smaller sums is advised. Also, keep in mind that burglars are humans too. There is no reason to think that they will not get the same ideas as you. So, it is vital to think out of the box and use the most illogical places to hide your hard earned cash.

Bag of flour or sugar

Hiding your stash in the bag full of flour or sugar is very good idea. Though, you should keep several unopened bags of the same product in your cupboard. Carefully open the desired hideout-bag. Dig the package with your money deep into the flour (or sugar) and close the bag so that it will look like it has never been opened before. It is very unlikely that burglar will find your money.

Hollowed items

Decorations and everyday items that are hollow can provide a very nice hiding place. Though, you should expect that many thieves will look for such items and try to determine whether there is something inside. Good idea is to pack a bundle of cash and glue this package on the inside of your chosen item. This way, burglar can share the item and nothing will tell him there is a surprise inside. Also make sure that the item is sealed so that burglar cannot see there is an opening. Otherwise he might just look inside and you have a problem.

In the ground

Probably the best thing to do is to bury the waterproof package containing your cash. You can do so in your garden or just put it in your flower-pot. However, be careful so that no one can see you bury the money. Otherwise, they might come over and dig it out.

Dip the package into cleaner

Another great option is to put the money into half-full bottle of cleaner. I cannot imagine any burglar who would empty a bottle of cleaner that is obviously being used. No sane person would expect to find a bundle of cash in there. So, every sane person would hide it there. Though, remember to make the package waterproof. Also make sure that it will not dissolve in that particular cleaner.

Thrash it

I know this sounds insane. However, you do not have to actually throw it away. Just manufacture a false bin. It should look genuine, but contain nothing that might start rotting. Some burglars might actually go through your trash. So, hide the cash in some innocently-looking empty package, for example an old milk box.

Inside Appliances

This is another place that most burglars will skip. Many appliances have hollow parts. However, you need special tools to open them. Most burglars will not risk searching for those tools and wasting time scrubbing every piece of heavy electronics in your house. However, make sure that you do not use something that might catch thief's eye (like LCD TV or PC).

To conclude, there are many great hiding places in almost every house. However, to choose the right ones, you have to think out of the box. Also, it is advised to split your cash into several bundles and hide them at different places. Anyway, options I mentioned above are some of the best places for hiding money at home.