WoW Wool cloth is one of the easiest ways for a new player to make Gold in the game of World of Warcraft. Wool cloth is not as abundant as Silk cloth so the demand is higher. Farming for wool cloth is a great way for a new player to make some gold fast. Here are some places to get a lot of wool cloth to sell.

Best Places for Alliance to Farm Wool Cloth?

  • Stockades in Stormwind - is the single best place for alliance characters to farm for wool cloth. The problem is it's very hard to solo here unless you are high enough level. You can get 2 - 3 stacks per run, you also should keep all the green and blue items that drop. Sometimes you may come across a nice level 19 twink item that will sell well in the Auction house.
  • Deadmines- This is another instance in WoW, it takes longer to get through the deadmines because it is a lot bigger but you can come away with about 5 or more stacks of wool.
  • Generally any where that humanoids level 19 - 25 spawn. You want to find a spot that has a fast re spawn rate such as the undead in Duskwood around the raven hill area.

Best Places for Horde to Farm Wool Cloth?

The Stockade's are the best place overall to farm for wow wool cloth so the horde have a slight disadvantage here. Some good places for the horde to try are:

  • Shadowfang Keep - Located in southern Silver Pine Forest. If you run this instance you can expect to get about 1 - 2 stacks of wool cloth per run and a ton of greens and the occasional blue. This is my favorite instance to run. It's quick and greens drop like crazy here. Most of the blues I have looted have come from treasure chests(locked and unlocked) so if you have a rogue this is the perfect place for you to farm. There are about 4 treasure chests that spawn in shadowfang keep and sometimes they are all locked!
  • Deadmines - Located in West Fall - The deadmines are not as hard for horde to get to as the stockades are but still a bit out of the way. If you feel like taking an adventure head over to the Deadmines, your sure to come away with a ton of greens and some wool.
  • Southern Barrens - Bael Modan - The excavation site. This is a nice place to farm because the dwarf's re spawn fast and there are also 2 rare named that spawn here. One spawns in the center of the excavation site under the tents and the other spawns just across from the tents along the wall. There is also a treasure chests that pops in this camp. I have gotten 2 BOE Blues and tons of wool in about 2 hours farming here. Perfect spot if you are level 18 - 25 and can't solo the Instances yet.