If you are going to Tokyo to live for work or business, deciding where to live can be a tough decision. Of course where your office or business is located in Tokyo and your budget will be deciding factors.

There is no doubt about it, but Tokyo is a huge city. There is no single central area of Tokyo. It is made up of several areas which all have their own unique feeling and atmosphere. Tokyo also has several different areas where many businesses and large corporations are located. There are also different areas famous for shopping, design and fashion.

The Tokyo train and subway system is one of the most extensive, reliable and useful systems in the world. It is much quicker and convenient to get around by subway than cars or taxis. When looking for a place to live, you should definitely look for places that are close to a subway or train station. When calculating the time it takes to reach your office from your home, you need to take into account how many times you have to change to a different line. If possible, it is best to live on the same line as your office. The morning rush hour on the subways is incredibly busy and crowded.


If I had the choice of anywhere to live in Tokyo, I would choose the area around Azabu-juban. Azabu-juban is very popular with expats living in Tokyo. It is possible to walk to the nightclub area of Roppongi, but it is also fairly quiet and good for families. There are plenty of great shops, restaurants and supermarkets nearby. The Azabu-juban festival in summer is also worth attending, even if you aren't living in the area.


Roppongi is where most of the expat bars and nightclubs are located, so not surprisingly it is popular with party goers. It is also a fairly noisy and busy area. Great for singles but not really for families.


Aoyama is a fashionable and trendy place to live in Tokyo. It is the home of many Japanese celebrities. There is a nice mix of up market cafes and restaurants in the area.


Meguro is located on the JR Yamanote train line, which is a train line that runs in a loop, dividing central and outer Tokyo. Meguro is also popular with foreigners and is a little cheaper than the other areas listed here.


Odaiba is built on reclaimed land and you need to take the Yurikamome mono-rail to get there.
It is a little further out of central Tokyo, but most of the apartments have fantastic views of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay. Odaiba also has many shops and restaurants and has a more open feel to it than central Tokyo. A great place to live for families.

If you are staying in Tokyo for a short time, but you want to stay in a hotel, you might want to consider staying in a Tokyo serviced apartment.

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