How to choose the perfect point and shoot camera for you

Before we look at the best point shoot digital camera let’s identify a point and shoot digital camera. A point shoot digital camera is a fully automatic digital camera whereby you frame the subject (i.e. compose the shot), half press the button to focus and then press the shutter button all the way down to actually capture the image.

During the picture taking process you, the user has no input in to the settings as this is dictated by the camera. Sure, you may have the chance to change the mode to macro, portrait, landscape, sports or night time and you may have the chance to change the style of the picture to some extent, but you have no control over the final exposure. Sure, you can set the ISO speed but the point and shoot camera will set the aperture and the shutter speed. Because of the above, point and shoot cameras are great for beginners or those people who simply want to take snapshot s and are not concerned about taking creative photographs or controlling the exposure.

"With so many to choose from how do we select the best point and shoot camera?"


Best point and shoot camera



So, what is the best point shoot digital camera? The answer to this depends entirely on the individual. Some people may want a tiny camera whereas others prefer something that is a bit larger. Some people may want a Canon where as other people may want a Nikon. Some people may only have a hundred bucks whereas other people may have a few hundred bucks to spend. As you can see there are loads of different variables to consider when choosing the best point shoot camera.

So, with this in mind how do we choose the best point shoot digital camera? The answer to this is actually very straightforward...... make a list. You need to sit down and think about everything you want. Think about the brand of point and shoot camera you want. Think about the features you want. Think about the accessories you want and think about the budget you have. With this clear in your mind note all the things down and then use this as a checklist when evaluating all the different point shoot cameras.

Once you have a short list you can then start researching the market to see which point shoot and compact digital cameras satisfies everything you want. Go to your local camera shop, use the internet, search on Amazon etc. There are loads of sources of information so use them.

When you have your list of potential point shoot cameras you need to do some further investigation. Look on the internet for professional reviews (i.e. those done by photography magazines and publications) and read personal user reviews (these are honest and will let you know what the camera is like to use over the long term). Never buy a point shoot camera based solely on reviews though. You need to go to a camera shop and see each camera. Pick them up, play with them and take some test shots.

It doesn’t matter whether you have decided on the best point shoot digital camera or if you are still deciding, cheap compact cameras 2012 is an article dedicated to the best point and shoot camera and focuses from the best point shoot cameras from all manufacturers. It is not biased towards a specific manufacturer so, if for example you don’t like Canon or Nikon, there are still some top point and shoot cameras for you to explore.

With so many point shoot cameras available choosing the best point and shoot camera is not an easy task and can be a bit of a mind field. However, if you take your time and do your research you will eventually find the best point and shoot camera that is perfect for you.


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