Road bicycles can mean different things to different people. But all road bicycles are designed to be ridden on paved roads. Some road bikes, but not all, are racing bikes, while others may not be designed to be ridden at very high speed and have more gears than racing bikes do. But all road bikes tend to be lightweight and have narrow tires as compared to mountain bikes. They include touring bikes, utility bikes for everyday commuting, hybrid bikes which can be ridden on some unpaved trails in addition to pavement, and recumbent bikes.


While many bikes are unisex, there are good reasons why you might want to buy a specialized road bicycle for women. Women’s bodies have different length ratios of limbs to torsos on average than men of a comparable height, their shoulders are often narrower, and their hips are wider, so for optimum comfort, a road bike built specially for women will be a better fit than a standard unisex bike.


In some cases, road bicycles for women may have the same basic frame as unisex bikes, but are modified by shortening the stem, and adding a wider saddle. In other cases, the bike frame itself may be designed differently by shortening the top tube, making the handlebars smaller and changing the angles of the seat tube and the head tube. Other customizations can include making the brakes and shifter smaller, lighter materials used in building the bike frame, and on the aesthetic front, perhaps making the frame more colorful.


Here are some of the best road bicycles for women as reviewed on


Kettler Women's Verso Capri Cruiser Bike

Kettler Women's Verso Capri Cruiser Bike


The women’s Verso Capri bike is great for relaxed bike rides, whether you are running errands about town or on vacation at the beach. It is styled in a retro fashion with a 15 inch aluminum frame, handlebars that are swept back for optimum comfort, and a wide and padded saddle. A large front basket is ideal for carrying groceries back from the store, or provisions for a picnic. Other features include dual-sided pedals so you can ride barefoot, metal chainguard and fenders.


Customers reviewed this bike favorably for the smoothness of its ride, and found the basket very handy.


Nirve Lahaina Women's Cruiser Bike


The Nirve Lahaina is another very well-reviewed cruiser bike on It has an attractive retro look to it, and is great for riding on vacations. It comes in single-speed and three-speed models, has full-length fenders and lightweight aluminum wheels. Customers commented on smooth and comfortable the ride was, and also on the prettiness of the bike.