Best seaside villages in the UK

Best seaside villages in the UK

Seaside attractions, places and villages in the UK

Family vacation at the seaside is always great fun, especially when you know about the best resorts, beaches and guest houses in the areas. You will find different coastal landscape and habitats along with unique human culture along the sea.

The UK’s coastline is huge as compared to its area. The coastline is around 12,500 Kms and stretches around many small islands. France and Spain have smaller coastlines as compared to coastline of the UK. This incredibly longer coastline is mainly due to islands that run along the seaside in the UK.

Here are some of the best seaside villages where you can spend time with your family and enjoy the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

Reculver, Kent

Driving to Reculver can be fun but do not forget to take your bicycles with you. You will have to go to the East side of Whitstable from the North Kent Coast. When you reach Roman ruins, park your vehicle there, and take the bicycles.

You will love cycling along the sixteen-mile long path, sea running with you all the time. Go to the end and then turn back to enjoy the beach differently this time. Find some rock pools and spend some time there. You will also find few beach huts along the path. If you are interested in talking to the locals, try to be very polite since residents do not seem to like bicycles for some reason.

After sitting near some rock pool and talking to the locals for some time, you can start your journey to Broadstairs, where you will have coffee and exquisite ice cream. You can continue cycling to the Ramsgate before turning back.

When going to Reculver, make sure that you are checking closing time for car parking. Authorities often close the parking in the evening. You will have to stay in the car for the night if you do not sync with the parking timing.

St Margaret’s at Cliffe, Kent

This hidden cove is near Calais. You will even notice your mobile switching to a French network when you are exploring hidden Kentish cove. When visiting St Margaret’s Cliffe, do not forget to get a view of the Channel marine traffic. Sometimes, gazing at this busy Channel can go on for hours, especially when the trade activity is at its peak. You should also visit eco-centre (Pines Calyx). You will find many interesting sights here, including the early scene settings of James Bond novels. Noel Coward also lived there during his years of solitude. You will see ruins of that house on the top of White Cliffs.

Maidencombe Beach, Torquay

Maidencombe beach is in Torquay. This is one of the best places to spend a day relaxing at the beach. You will fall into the spell of this place, as you notice that this splendid heaven is perfect for relaxing.

Oddicombe Beach, Torquay

Unlike the silence and peace at Maidencombe, Oddicombe is a traditional beach with many attractions. You will find a wide variety of water sports, rides, and sand castles here. If you are going to the picnic with your family, consider spending an entire day at Oddicombe. You kids are going to love the place.

The Wight Isle

The Wight Isle is perfect for a romantic getaway. The grand chalk cliffs and the natural beauty give a stunning view from the south and west. You can walk the area or just relax to enjoy the nature at its best. If you enjoy swimming, you can start your day by swimming at Freshwater Bay, which is safe for swimming. You can also take a kayaking course from the Wight Sea Kayaking.

If you want to keep the costs low, consider renting a campervan or a trailer.

North West Region

North West region is full of unspoiled coastline. You will find unique setting in this region as outstanding natural beauty combines with man-made wonders. Densely populated urban areas also give a stunning look as the nature intermingles with the human population here.

You will not have any problems traveling in the region because of major north/south route running through this region. You can also find bus service and other road transport anywhere in the region.