When thinking about tablet devices, the one that comes to mind by default is Apple's iPad. However, there are many other computer tablets on the market that are worth considering. Although the iPad is a very nice product, it is often more expensive than many of its tablet PC counterparts. Therefore, if you are not sold on an iPad, it is well worth doing a tablet PC comparison to pick the best tablet PC or similar device for yourself. This article goes over some of the best tablet PCs on the market today that offer many of the features you may find on an iPad. Depending on your needs, even a relatively inexpensive tablet PC or similar product may give you all the functionality you need on a budget.

Tablet PC reviews

Amazon Kindle : Although the Amazon Kindle isn't quite a full-featured tablet PC, it does have one of the key features that people are looking for when they are looking to buy a table PC – that of an e-book reader. The new Kindle retails for under $200 in the United States and comes with Wi-Fi capability. Its battery life is long, lasting for a month without charging. It comes with 4 gigs of memory, which allows for storing thousands of e-books, and the e-ink is easy on the eyes, compared to staring for many hours at an LCD screen. Indeed, if your main reason for purchasing an iPad or a tablet PC is to read e-books and other electronic publications, you could save a lot of money and get excellent service from a Kindle, available from Amazon.com

Dell Streak : The Dell Streak is another noteworthy tablet PC device. With a sleek design and five inch screen, it does not quite qualify as an iPad equivalent, but it does pack a lot of features. Furthermore, the Dell Streak also performs as a smartphone, so you get the best of both worlds here – a phone, albeit a somewhat bulky one, that can also be used as a tablet PC. The Streak runs on the Android operating system and is a touch screen tablet also equipped with a camera. It is also quite a ruggedized tablet PC that can be carried about in a pants pocket or a backpack with other items without being easily scratched.

Samsung Galaxy Tab : The Samsung Galaxy Tab is another leading contender for best tablet PC among those available on the market today. Although it is debatable whether the Samsung Galaxy is quite comparable to the iPad, there is no doubt that it packs a lot of features. With a seven inch screen, it is bigger than the Dell Streak, but still quite a bit smaller than the iPad. This makes it more portable and easy to use for extended browsing on the go than the iPad. The Galaxy Tab runs on the Android operating system and supports wireless and flash video. The touch screen is quite responsive and easy to use. It comes with a wide variety of apps, and you can use it as a GPS, an e-reader and to surf the web. Gmail comes preloaded on the Tab. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also pretty easy to configure for social networking, so working with Twitter, Facebook and Skype is straightforward. The Tab also works effectively as a phone, although it is too bulky to hold directly to the ear. It is best used with headphones or as a speakerphone. Other nice features include taking photos, video recording and HD video playback.

These are just some of the best tablet PC devices on the market today. But this is an emerging technology, and many tablet PC products will be flooding the market in the near future. So you should have no trouble buying a tablet PC that fits your budget and needs.