Removing grout is not a fun task.  There are many reasons why you may want to regrout your tiles to restore your tile installation.  Often times people choose a hand tool that will take a lot of excessive time and energy.  A power tool of some sort is the best thing to use for removing grout but there are many types of power tools available and choosing the right one for the job can be difficult especially if you are not a tile installation professional.  We will discuss the best tools for removing grout and list their various advantages and disadvantages.

Fein Multimaster Tool.  The fein multimaster is a vibrating type of oscillating tool that uses diamond bit blades for grinding out and removing grout.   The fein multimaster was designed for this type of work and it works quit well for regrouting tile.   The fein multimaster is an expensive tool that will last many years and it also can be used for many types of remodeling projects around the house.   The disadvanges of the fein multimaster is that it is somewhat of an expensive tool at around $300.  Also the diamond blade tools for regrouting are also expensive and can cost upwards of $100.

Rotary Grinding Tool.  A rotary grinding tool is a much cheaper option for removing grout than a fein multimaster.  Rotary grinding tools with a cement cutting blade will work extremely fast and they also do not require expensive diamond bit blades.  The bad thing about rotary grinding tools is that they will create a lot of dust when they are used.  Rotary grinding tools also are difficult to control and they can easily slip on the tile surface and cut into the tiles if your are not carefull when using them.  Rotary grinding tools also are somewhat dangerous and they can easily cut your or send debris into your eyes.  Proper protection is aways recommended when using such high rpm spinning tools for whatever job you may use them for.

Dremel Tool.  A dremel tool is often used for removing grout even though it is not a very efficient or effective regrouting tool.  Dremels take an extremely steady hand and they can very easily slip and scratch the surrounding tiles.  Also dremel tools take and extremely long time to do the job and there are better tools available that are much more efficient.  Also a dremel motor can easily burn up when regrouting large areas of tile and when a dremel motor burns up the dremel tool can not be economically repaired and will need to be thrown away.

Grout Grabber Tool.   This tool uses a blade that is attached to a reciprocating saw for regrouting tile.  It can be effective at regrouting large areas of tile and it will not create the huge amount of dust like a rotary grinding tool   This tool requires purchasing a reciprocating saw but the actual tool is relatively cheap.  This tool can be difficult to control and can easily damage the surface of tiles.  Also the grinding motion of this tool makes it difficult to regrout intricate tile patterns with a lot of small detailed tiles. 

Grout Saw.  This is a manual tool that is the least expensive of them all.  This tool requires a lot of back and forth arm motion that will quickly wear you out when regrouting large areas of tile.   For small areas that need to be regrouted on a budget this may be the tool of choice but it will not be efficient at regrouting large areas of tile.

As you can see there are various tools for regrouting tile and the trick is to choose the most appropriate tool for your particular tile installation.