Technology just keeps getting better and better. The recent advancement and popularization of touch screen devices is no exception. Companies like Apple, HP, Dell and Samsung all make a version of laptop or other device that utilizes the technology. For new comers to the fad, it can be a little confusing as to which model is right for you.

touch screen laptopThe iPad is perhaps the most recognizable touch screen device to consumers who are new to the technology. Apple's innovative and reliable design has set a new standard in the industry. When considering a touch screen device, keep in mind what you will be using it for. Although touch capabilities are nice, if the device can't do the things you need it to do the novelty will wear off quickly. While apple's product is astounding, it is aimed at the e-reader market. Purchasing an iPad when hardware like disc drives, USB ports, flash drives, readers/writers, DVD drives and all the other standard stuff found on most basic laptops is needed would be a waste. The iPad has none of these things. It also does not have a physical keyboard which is fine for emails, web browsing, or one of the other thousand things you can do with it but useless when it comes to typing long documents or frequent and precise emailing. In a nutshell, if you want a touch screen laptop, the iPad is not for you.

Apple's product has brought new attention to the touch screen realm of the computing industry. Many consumers that are now looking at such devices are realizing how far they have come. HP makes a very fine touch screen laptop that can be converted to a tablet form, although much thicker in comparison to iPad and other similar devices. The HP tm2t Tablet PC comes preinstalled with Windows 7 professional 64-bit, and Intel Core Duo Processor, ATI HD 4500 graphics, 4GB of RAM (very large), and a 500 GB hard drive which is at the higher end of the range for most laptops. Other features include a built in webcam, a high definition 12 inch screen (with touch capabilities of course), fingerprint reader, Intel wireless adapter, and an external tray light scribe which is a fancy term for a stylus that can be used to write on the computer screen. The TM2T retails for about 2,000 dollars in major brand retailers and can be found online for about 1500 bucks.

Computers are expensive and ones with touch screens even more so. If you just want to get your hands on some type of touchscreen device with laptop capabilities, the Archos-9 PC tablet should float your boat and allow you to be productive as well. Archos is not the best touch screen laptop and is a less well known brand in computer manufacturing however it is carried by Best Buy which has a good reputation with consumers. The Archos features an Intel Atom processor at 1.1 GHz, an 8.9 inch screen, a decently sized 60 GB hard drive, built in web cam and microphone, built in wireless lan, Ethernet lan for wired connection, and comes preloaded with Windows 7 starter edition. While it doesn't have as many bells and wistles as the HP product, Archos is reasonably priced for a half way decent touch screen device that can do the same things a laptop can do. Best Buy sells the Archos online and in brick and mortar locations for about 550 bucks.

As you can see there is no shortage of the best touch laptops on the market. Even the most basic of models are light-years ahead of what predecessors were only a handful of years ago. Now that the technology is getting attention again, consumers are likely to find great deals on high quality touch screen electronics.