Most people struggle with trying to lose weight at some point in their life. This is a daily struggle for many people. They may start off the day eating a balanced, nutritious meal, but as the day moves on and they encounter treats, they may find themselves with a lack of will power.

When you decide that you would like to lose weight, the first thing you should do is determine what your weaknesses are. For some people, their weakness is sweets.
Many office workers keep candies on their desk and for those with a sweet tooth, walking by this temptation is irresistible. They may find themselves grabbing a sweet item here and there and this may seem harmless but it can add hundreds of calories to your diet each day.
By identifying what your weaknesses are, you can help avoid the temptations. If you know that a coworker has the sweet treats at their desk, you may want to choose a different route on your way to get water for example. Make a list of all of your weaknesses and include an action plan for how to avoid each item.

Once you have identified your weaknesses, you need to find replacements for them. If your front door leads you through your kitchen and you can't resist the cookies in the pantry.
Start entering your house through the garage or back door. Changing your path will change your habits.
If your coworker has candy on her desk, change your path to the restroom.
If you find yourself snacking on chips each afternoon at your desk, be sure to pack some carrots or celery sticks to replace your afternoon snacks.
By replacing your bad habits with good ones you'll slowly learn new habits and have some weight loss success.

Often when you think you are hungry, you're actually thirsty.
If you feel like you need a snack, try drinking a glass of water first and waiting a few minutes. You may find that your hunger has been satisfied. You should drink approximately eight glasses of water a day. This habit will help to curb your appetite and will reduce cravings you may have.
Be sure to invest in a refillable water bottle and keep it near you at all times. Take it with you when you go shopping or at your office.
If you have it with you, this will also reduce the temptation to grab a sugary soda or other calorie filled drink.

In addition to adjusting your eating and snacking habits, you need to make sure you are exercising.
If you incorporate small activities into your daily routine, you'll be able to burn more calories and speed up your metabolism which will help you lose weight.
When you go to the mall or grocery store, you should park as far away as possible. These short walks help to keep your body moving and burning calories. At work, take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. You could even use the restroom on another floor and take the stairs.
To keep track of your walking and make sure you are getting enough activity each day, invest in a pedometer. Pedometers keep track of how many steps you are taking each day. You should aim for at least 10,000 steps per day to maintain your weight. The more you add, the more calories you will burn.

Incorporating small changes into your day will help you reach your weight loss goals. As you begin to see results, you can strive to make bigger changes, get more exercise and improve all of your bad habits. Before long, you will see results that will motivate you to maintain your newly found good habits.