A garland can be a beautiful addition to a staircase during the Christmas season. There are many different ways to do this, which will be appropriate for different people. The following are some ideas to consider.

Wrap it around the railing

One of the easiest ways to attach garland to a staircase is simply to wrap the garland around the railing. You can then snake it up the railing. This can look very pretty. It is also good because you might not have to worry about actually attaching it to the railing or another part of the staircase. Not only is it convenient but it might help you to avoid chipping the paint or having another problem. You can tie it at the top and at the bottom to keep it secure.

Attach it to the railing with decorative ribbons

Another pretty and yet easy way to attach garland to a staircase it to attach it at different sections with pieces of ribbon. This can be very pretty and elegant. You will have many choices of ribbons. You could use a bright red or green ribbon. You could use something very elegant such as a white or cream colored ribbon. They also make ribbon that is sparkly with gold or silver glitter. You will also find ribbon that has a Christmas theme. If you go to a store that has crafts such as Michael's or many stores with a seasonal Christmas selection then you will often find ribbons that would be suitable.

Wrap lights around the garland to attach it

Another pretty way to attach garland and to dress it up a little at the same time is to wrap lights around it. You could buy the strands of Christmas or rope lights. Make sure that you follow all safety instructions. You could then run the garland along the railing and wrap the lights around them. This can give you a beautiful and festive look, which will be very different depending on exactly what type of lights you use.

When attaching your garland to the staircase, be sure that any adhesive material is approved for the type of material that the staircase is made of. You do not want to ruin your paint or any of the material on your staircase. If you are at all worried then you might want to consider attaching a small amount first to see how it does. Consider the above ideas when making your final decision on how to attach the garland to the staircase.