Everyone gets in a tough spot here or there, and everyone wants to make money fast. Unfortunately most people will tell you it's impossible, but it's not.

Honestly, I'd try for a part-time job first. I have one, though, and I completely understand that it isn't enough to get by on. Rent, kids, food, utilities, other expenses... it's hard, right?

Tip #1

Infobarrel.com is absolutely amazing for blogging purposes. You make extra income just by writing about things YOU want to. You don't need to buy specific products. You don't need to review things you don't want. It's all about what you choose to write. Now, there are other blogging sites- hubpages... triond... but infobarrel is by far the best of the three, and I'd strongly recommend it. You write about things you're interested in, it doesn't take a lot of time. I know someone who wrote only 6 blogs 2 years ago... and he still gets checks for a little over $300-$350 every month, and he doesn't even do anything! He goes about his daily life and those blogs acrue interest based on how many people click on his blog and the ads aroung it.

Tip #2

GPT Websites

Get-Paid-To Websites. Surveys, reviews, etc. This is great if you have time on your hands. I don't now, but I used to. I used to get money through cashcrate.com by doing simple surveys. I set up a separate e-mail account in case of spam, and I made pretty good money for a teenager. Nothing to LIVE off of- but it was a good start.

Tip #3

Sell your stuff!

Don't sell your fridge. That isn't what I mean. Sell things you don't need anymore, or you don't use.  Leave your hoarding ways behind you and (oh wait, that's me), and sell your things on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist. Craigslist is easiest, by the way, but you'll get more money through Ebay or Amazon. Here's some examples so you don't stress yourself out:

Pictures, tea kettle, dress forms or mannequins, scrapbook utensils or kits, software, video games, movies, decorations that you don't even notice anymore. Things like this- that you don't want or need- other people are dying to have.

Tip #4

Return clothes or items you don't wear or want

I don't know if you knew this- but places like JC Penney have a new return policy- anything, anytime, anywhere. If you have an old, crappy coat with cheerios smashed into your pockets, they will take it back, and refund you with the current sale price. If they try to give it to you on a voucher for the store, you can simply ask for a cash or debit refund and they will do it for you. How do I know? I'm one of the people that refunds the money. Seriously, I just returned about $200 worth of clothes and shoes I never wore or used, or didn't like, and I got it back- half in cash, half on card. It's a great idea. Seriously, just take ten minutes and go through your stuff. It will be well worth it.

Tip #5

Print your own money

Just kidding. Don't do that.


If you've stayed with me this long, then you've made a great choice, and you really need the money. This is the best tip of all.

Sign yourself up for things like Care.com and Rentafriend.com

These sites will do you wonders.

Both are free, too.

Care.com sets you up with matches in your area, based on your availability and price range. It sets you up with people that need a babysitter, pet-sitter, house cleaner, or do odd and end jobs for them, like a disabled woman who needs someone to shop for her. They pay good money to have you do the things you can't. You can even sign up for an $8 background check that sets you up automatically with more matches, and you get approved more. Now if you don't have that $8 (or you simply don't want it done) that's fine, you can still apply or sign up for hundreds of jobs in your area.

Rentafriend.com is an amazing site based on other people's needs. If a guy told everyone he had a hot date for prom, but actually didn't have anyone- he could actually pay you to be that date. He'd pay your dress, or tux, dinner, tickets, everything. Does this site recquire you to be romantically interested or involved? Not a chance. You can set yourself up for which sexuality and genders you prefer to work with. You can be like my friend Jessica- married and signed up for Gay men or Straight Women to work with.

You don't have to be a prom date. People will pay you to teach them lessons: guitar, dancing, singing, etc. They will pay you to do their shopping. If they are lonely, they will take you out if you're willing to go, and you have the option of charging (which for that, I wouldn't.)

People honestly love this site. It's a good one. I know, I'm on it.  It's not a scam, it's not crap. I'm an overweight 18 year old college student, and the people on this site work with me whenever I'm available. You can do the same.


Also- Craigslist.com has odd and end jobs. Just look that up if you decide the other two options don't suit your fancy. But if you need the money... step into that zone. Go do it. Take a chance and have a hell of a time doing it.