Health and exercise is not always something that is physical, but it can also be an emotional and mental battle. Frequently well known doctors and psychologists will speak out about "mental health" both in relation to mentle diseases, but also with how we handle our physical health and exercise routines. Human beings are not just physical creatures, and our minds can influence our bodies in many ways that can be life changing. The importance of knowledge and reading books that teach us about health, exercise, diets, weight loss, and many other topics related to health and exercise is very high, because the easiest way to get into any of these things and see personal accomplishments is being prepared before hand. With the New Year coming around, we will see a surge in gym memberships, but how many of these people will honestly be prepared for their new healthy lifestyle? While I am sure most of these people have good intentions by going to the gym, simply going to the gym will not change your body and your mind. I have collected a large variety of eBooks on the topic of health and fitness (among other related things), and I hope you will find some great reading and learning materials in them. I have attempted to weed out the bestselling books I find to be ridiculous or that provide little "real" information, and have compiled what I believe to be the 13 best bestselling e-books on health and exercise.

1. Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

Let me start this list of bestselling e-books on health and exercise that is a bit strange, but ultimately something that makes a lot of sense and will massively appeal to people who are into exercise and running. This book examines how running in shoes may be more damaging to our bodies then we could ever imagine. Shoes might just take a toll on our legs, feet, joints, and bodies in a holistic sort of way. No, this is not just a book written by some neo-spiritualistic hippies, as it's content seems to make sense with scientific backing behind it. This book has inspired me to think about how nature intended for us to use our bodies, and our ancient ancestors who had little in the way of shoes. At one point, shoes were only for the elite upperclass citizens, who were also typically lazy and had others do all the "running" for them. This is a great educational book that may change the way you run forever.

2. 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health by Dr. Neal Barnard

This is a highly recommend book on weight loss, and it's suggestions have been tested and clinically proven to work. With weight loss, a major problem many people face is the first few weeks; and most of the problems are not just physical, but mental ones as well. The focus of this book is on quickly reprogramming your body in the following ways: appetite reduction, boosting your metabolism, and enabling you to do cardio by reducing cholesterol in your body. Unlike many books that claim to be a "miracle cure" that will enable you to lose weight, this book sets realistic goals and is focused on a few specific areas that will allow you to become informed about what maintains your weight. While it will require more then just reading this book and following these 3 major concepts to lose a significant amount of weight, as a book to "kickstart" weight loss; you probably cannot find much better then the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart.

3. Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley

Yoga has been growing in popularity in the United States for the past decade or so. Unfortunately, much of the focus of yoga has been placed on yang yoga (which is a focus on the muscles in the body). Yin Yoga (both the book and the actual yoga practice) focuses on connective tissue, which is a vital part of a proper, well-rounded yoga routine. This book focuses on the many aspects of yogic exercise, including a variety of physical routines as well as ideas for clearing the mind as well. The "perfect" yoga workout would involve working out many physical areas, as well as purifying the mind and spirit. I feel that yoga is a very important workout that you can do in collaboration with other exercises, because it will allow you to hopefully find peace, stretch out your body, and most importantly stretch out your mind. I have often used yoga as a warm up and warm down practice before and after a workout respectively. There is still much people in the Western world can learn from yoga, which dates back to ancient days in the Eastern world.

4. Body By Design (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever by Kris Gethin and Jamie Eason

I would not be the first to admit, I initially thought this book would be a scam or something unworthy of reading and checking out. Why? Because the cover artwork is terrible to my aesthetic senses, and it just reeks of being a cash in for money without providing much content. Fortunately, I was wrong. I, of course, have no problem admitting this. Body by Design was primarily written by Kris Gethin, who is the editor in chief of a very popular fitness website The book summary describes it's content pretty simplistically and accurately: "Body by Design is a plan that promotes health from the inside out, starting by breaking down the mental blocks that are holding you back, then by building up the muscles on your body, and finally by adding delicious, healthy food onto your plate." The key to becoming a healthier person and even lose weight is not just about cutting things out of your life (like food you like and calories), and it is from this starting point that I found this book to be interesting. Of course, it is important to point out that this book and it's suggested health and fitness plan will only work if you can get motivated on an intrinsic level. You need to WANT to see positive change in your life and lifestyle. A plan like this is not an easy one by any stretch, but for those who can commit to it thoroughly and follow it's ideals to a T; you WILL undoubtedly see results within this 12-week period. This exercise eBook has been enhanced for your pleasure, and even comes with added exercise videos that serve as a great resource in addition to the text! Definitely worth checking out!

5. American Dietetic Association: Guide to Better Digestion by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and Leslie Bonci

A major problem many people encounter when they begin to set out on a lifestyle towards better health and exercise includes many problems with their digestive system. As a result of being in an unhealthy state for a while, people will often have digestive problems that have roots both in actual physiological problems; as well as psychological disorders (like anxiety and depression) which often take a toll on the digestive system (among other areas of the body). Worst of all, a poor digestive system can often make people feel embarrassed about themselves; which is never a good way to start working towards a healthier body. Embarrassment leads to depression, anxiety, a lack of self-esteem, and other psychological problems. Of course: psycological roadblocks are perhaps the largest ones you will hit in your attempt to get into better shape. As a result, this book by the American Dietetic Association is an excellent read for helping you get your digestive system back into shape. A heavy focus of this book is one your diet and the foods that you eat. While many digestive problems, like gas, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with prescription medication; they can often be remedied by a good diet and exercise as well. The content in this book is very useful, especially if you suffer from any dietary and digestive problems. Of course, as my personal note, let me say these are no things to be embarrassed about; especially if you are being proactive and attempting to rid yourself of these problems! The key to good health is wanting to change your life for the better.

6. You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Joshua Clark and Mark Lauren

This is a great book and ebook on health and exercise. It is most appealing to me because it was written by a special operations military trainer, who most certainly has to know the right way to exercise and see actual results. Most people would expect this workout program to be very difficult and only for people who are already healthy (much like the P90X workout DVD series), but this is actually far from the truth. The book is laid out in terms of exercise levels, ranging from Basic and 1st Class to more difficult exercise routines in the Master and Chief classes. Ideally, you will be able to move yourself up the class ranks from Basic to Chief. The exercises included are heavily focused on losing bodyweight (as the title would imply), which is a very important thing when it comes to becoming a healthier person. Like most workouts, these are not always easy and take a good deal of focus and committment; but this ebook can serve as a great tool for achieving your health and fitness goals for sure.

7. 20 Years Younger: Look Younger, Feel Younger, Be Younger! by Bob Greene

Unlike most health and fitness e-books that focus on becoming healthier, this book is focused on reimagining yourself so that you become not only healthier, but look and feel younger as well. While realistically your body is not going to revert to exactly how it looked 20 years ago, the results you can see from the many exercises and tips on a variety of aspects of life (like changing appearance, controlling stress, mental tests, and so forth) really do work in a holistic sort of way to change your life. I personally proscribe heavily to concepts set out by Gestalt psychologists, and feel that examining all aspects of your life and renovating them will certainly lead to health. Fortunately, Bob Greene essentially agrees with this outlook, and his book reflects these thoughts very well. The summary of the book describes the program perfectly: "The cutting-edge program details easy and effective steps we can all take to rebuild the foundation of youth and enjoy better health, improved energy, and a positive outlook on life. The four cornerstones of the program are: an exercise regimen for fighting muscle and bone loss, a longevity-focused diet, sleep rejuvenation, and wrinkle-fighting skin care."

There is a reason these books are some of the bestselling e-books on health and fitness. They have proven themselves to not only be interesting to read, but very useful when it comes to becoming a healthier person. There is a lot of power behind owning some ebooks that can help you revitalize your life, so why not take the plunge and check some of these out?

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