Many of us had our moments of procrastination.

When I looked outside our office window, I saw heavy clouds, the rain, few people with umbrellas and slow moving vehicles. Inside I was snuggled within my thick shawl, my feet up on a stool, and hot coffee within my reach. It was mid-afternoon and instead of editing a project proposal, Facebook was on the screen.

When I closed Facebook, I went back to my document and cursed that annoying cursor for its blinking. It stayed in one place. Not moving. Not changing. Just blinking. It mocked me.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Either I swig tons of coffee into my system till I shake like an epileptic or I jump into our building’s deck pool and plunge my brain awake.

When the going gets tough (in this scenario, a deadline was looming), the solution is Google. This was the solution I stumbled upon.

When your brain wanders, you can’t concentrate because you didn’t get enough sleep, and it shows. Technically, your brain is in alpha mode. This is when your brain is an effortless state of consciousness and you feel relaxed. This is the same feeling you feel when getting a massage.

Instead of over-indulging over coffee, which is bad for your health in excess, you can try listening to beta wave music.

Beta brain wavesCredit:

Beta Brainwaves are electrical activity of the brain within frequency of 12hz to 40hz. Think of it as the audio caffeine for the brain. It’s a perfect kickstart for a workday, provided you don’t take in the waves for more than an hour because otherwise, you feel anxious and stressed. Too much beta waves exposure can also lead to paranoia, muscle tension, insomnia, addiction or increased blood pressure.

It is recommended to listen every day, for ONLY 30 to 60 minutes, for 4-6 weeks to reach maximum benefits[1].

Here are 5 Benefits of Listening to Beta Brainwaves:

  1. It speeds up rapid thinking. Beta waves help increase mental processing at work and study.
  2. When rapid or critical thinking speeds up, you will be able to foster conversational energy and keep a conversation going.
  3. Beta waves help in boosting your energy levels, paving the way for reaching peak performance.
  4. Beta waves are associated with positive thinking because the left-hemisphere is partnered with rational thoughts.
  5. According to studies, people with higher beta brainwave have higher IQ’s than the average population[2]. Somehow, it makes sense. Increased mental processing especially for reading, comprehension and math problems helps build a smart individual.

According to extensive scientific research, the only way to experience the brain optimizing effects of the frequencies is when they are delivered through headphones[3].

Where to Find Beta Brain Waves:

Go to YouTube and type in “beta brain waves”. You’ll find many video results. Some are combined with audio mixes in order to provide a pleasurable experience than just merely listening to beats.

Brain waves apps also abound for iOS and Android gadgets. You can try to Relax Melodies and Relax Oriental for free.

In conclusion:

I also tried using these beta waves to work and I felt a positive shift in my focus at my tasks. I was able to concentrate more and not be easily distracted by other environmental distractions (e.g. people passing by, procrastination, logging in Facebook, etc.)

So why not give beta waves a chance and see how it will affect your focus on concentration? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!