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Betalbatim Beach is a resort in Goa located near Colva beach. It is a peaceful area where visitors can relax in the sun at one of the available beach shacks or walk hand-in-hand down the sandy beach with their soul mate and watch the dolphins swim by.

Betalbatim Beach is one that travellers who want a little more solitude than one of the fancy tourist beaches will love. The area is surrounded by palm groves and mango groves and has a population of sea birds in the area.

Getting to Betalbatim Beach

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If you want to come to Goa to see Betalbatim Beach, you can take cheap flights to Goa and go to the Dabolim airport. Dabolim is six kilometers from Margao train station and you can take the train from the airport to Goa and then arrange for transportation to the beach from wherever your hotel room is.

Food and Accommodations at Betalbatim Beach

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One of the places that you can stay on Betalbatim Beach is the Coconut Grove, which is a four star rated hotel or the Nanu Resort, which is a three star rated hotel. Another great place to stay if you have come to Goa with your family is the Betalbatim A’s Holiday Beach Resort, which offers posh duplex villas to stay in right on the Betalbatim Beach.

 There are also other options such as local guest houses or rooms to rent. Everyone coming to Goa can find something in their price range. There are many great locations on and near the Betalbatim Beach or just a few miles away.

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There are lots of options to have some delicious meals on the Betalbatim Beach, such as the local fare you can buy at some of the beachside kiosks. Or, you can choose to eat at one of the restaurants inside the local resorts nearby. They serve many delicious local foods and spirits that you can enjoy.

Things to Do At Betalbatim Beach

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One of the fun things to do at Betalbatim Beach is to hire some of the fishermen to take you on a dolphin trip. There are lots of dolphins in the area and if you are lucky you may get to meet one up close and personal.

You can also go swimming or fishing or just sit on a towel and watch the waves come into the sandy shore. If you want lots of people, then you need to go to one of Goa’s other fine beaches, but if you want quiet and peace, then Betalbatim Beach is the choice you should make on holiday trips to Goa.

All in all Betalbatim Beach is rated as one of the top beaches in the Goa area due to its seclusion and peaceful atmosphere. If you want to go to a place to relax, get some sun, and get some tasty food, then this is the place to come on vacation to Goa.