Betta Fish Bowls (33846)

Unfortunately, tons of pet stores sell betta fish bowls, round fish tanks that normally don't have the extra space for a filter, which is required to keep the tank water clean. Without something to clean the water, many people question whether betta fish bowls will keep their fighting fish healthy.

Because betta fish can breathe in air from the tank surface, they demand less care compared to many other fish species. Even so, an aquarium with no filtering or lighting system can still negatively influence the health and wellness of the fish.

Though some people believe betta fish bowls are cruel, are spherical aquariums really as horrible as many people think?

The Reason Why Certain Fish Hobbyists Love Betta Fish Bowls

Fish hobbyists just starting out adore betta fish bowls for their small size and light weight. Betta bowls are easy to carry around, so families can basically keep their fish with them wherever they are.

Because of the sphere shape of such tanks, they also have an original look. Rectangular or square aquariums are typically found in houses. For this reason, betta fish bowls appeal more to some fish hobbyists - even more so than a nice, large square tank.

How Come Many people Don't like Betta Fish Bowls?

A great number of betta fish bowls are small, and thus there really isn't an adequate amount of room for the siamese fighting fish to stretch his fins. In truth, many betta bowls can't accommodate plants, not to mention a filter.

I've personally noticed that betta fish absolutely adore hiding around objects. Decorative plants give fighting fish the desired setting required to feel comfortable. With stress, your fish won't flourish and may even become deathly sick. Live plants are even better for your fish, since they give them the oxygen they need to alleviate stress.

Underground filters, though they might be able to fit in your betta fish bowl, can't purify the aquarium like other filtering systems can, so fish owners would have to change the tank water frequently. Some days, tank cleaning may be delayed because of the hard work involved, and so the fighting fish would have to go days in dirty water.

Bettas need clean water to prevent diseases and stay healthy. Some diseases are deadly, so it's even more crucial to keep that tank water clean. Moreover, think of a washing machine: If you could fit a filter in the tank, your betta would just be slammed against the glass because of the shape of the tank -which would similarly resemble a large whirlpool.

Also, Siamese fighting fish are tropical creatures and need warm water close to 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Many betta fish bowls can't support heating, and, unless your house gets really warm, your betta would have to struggle in a cold climate. Once more, your fish would then get stressed and could slowly die off.

Are Some Betta Fish Bowls Alright for Fish?

A number of betta fish bowls are large enough to fit plants and a filter. Because they have more space, however, they're generally higher priced compared to square tanks. Ultimately, it's all up to you to decide whether you want to invest in a bigger bowl. The critical thing to bear in mind is that your betta will certainly need adequate filtering that can thoroughly clean the betta aquarium, good heating, and also foliage and logs to swim in. Loving care is a must if you want your betta to thrive.