Blood Sugar Control

Your body's systems control blood sugar via a delicate balance of insulin circulating through the blood stream. As foods break down in the digestive tract and enter the blood stream glucose levels rise. These glucose levels or blood sugar levels then signal the pancreas to produce more insulin which is then used to metabolize the blood sugar and bring it back to safe levels. Once your blood sugar levels return to normal your pancreas is then signaled to stop producing insulin because blood sugar levels that are too low are another problem.


The basic thing to remember is that you need glucose in your blood but you don't want to much of it or too little of it. That is why it is very important to have excellent natural glucose control. You don't want to have to worry about what you eat and what it will do to your blood glucose levels; you want your body to regulate blood sugar levels correctly and safely on its own.


When Controlling Blood Sugar Doesn't Happen

Despite the fact that you body is supposed to manage and control blood sugar on it's own it sometimes does not. Though this can happen from broth it typically occurs because people live unhealthy lives. Over the course of many years of unhealthy habits some people begin showing signs of insulin resistance. These symptoms include excess weight, abnormal levels of fatigue especially after eating, and general problems associated with arterial disease such as high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


If you have any of these symptoms then these should be warning signs to you that you need to take action immediately to improve insulin sensitivity. Only a blood test can say for certain whether you are experiencing insulin resistance. These tests measure not only your sugar levels but also your blood insulin levels. When you are insensitive to insulin you typically have more insulin circulating in your blood stream doing the job that less insulin used to do.


Control Blood Sugar Levels

If you do find out that you have poor insulin sensitivity or assume that you do because your blood sugar levels are too high then the first thing you should do is find some quality weight loss tips and drop a few pounds. Exercise is long been understood to help with better blood sugar control. Starting a routine exercise regimen coupled with a new and improved diet can have a great affect on improving insulin resistance.


Insulin resistance & sleep habits are another closely noted association. People who have poor sleep habits are more likely to be insulin insensitive. This means that any plan to decrease insulin resistance and better control blood sugar should also focus on getting better sleep in addition to eating better and staying more active.


This three angled attack on controlling blood sugar has been noted many times over in scientific research. The consequences of living with poor blood sugar control are limitless and they could be fatal so it is in your best interest to take action today and take control of your blood sugar levels and get back into a safe and normal blood sugar range