Better Business Cards With Business Card Templates

if you've been printing your own business cards on your home printer, you may have noticed that they aren't as good looking or effective as you like. Part of that is because of the low quality of the ink and, possibly, the paper. Rough edges and grainy writing scream "amateur" to your potential clients, after all. One way to fight that is with professional business card templates.

Template Basics:

The first thing that you need to understand is that templates are nothing more or less than patterns that you can download to your computer. You can then tweak them any way you like. In that way, designing Business Cards is a bit like designing a piece of clothing. You know the basic size and shape, but templates are designed to help you work out the basics. Here are some examples.


Colors are very important on business cards. Although they won't make or break a business deal, they will help to ensure that one has the possibility of happening. That's because people are drawn to bright colors and patterns. Business card templates can help you choose just the right colors for your business cards. That will guarantee that people at least look at your cards. After that, it's your responsibility to use other tricks to reel them in.


Fonts are also important. You should choose text sizes, types and colors that are easy to read on the background color that you choose. Your text shouldn't be too small or too fuzzy to read. Otherwise, your cards will just be thrown away.

General Layout:

Templates can also help you in terms of general layout. You can simply click and drag boxes around, in most cases, and see a wide variety of potential options, such as putting text on the back of your business cards or in the upper or lower corners, as opposed to just centered on the front. In fact, there may even be a completed template that you can use as is, which would save you a lot of work.

Printing From Business Card Templates:

Printing from business card templates couldn't be easier. Simply create the template that you like, save the file and e-mail it to your print company along with a description of how many cards you want to have printed and, of course, payment. Also, remember that your print company will keep your card on file and you can also keep a copy. So, ordering more cards at any time after that should be even easier.