It’s probably a little late to publish my 2012 goals, seeing the year is one sixth of the way over, but that pretty much sums up me; late the party, slow to start, and easy to distract. The main reason I’m doing this, however, is an attempt to motivate myself and give to give me something to shoot for.  In all honesty, at one point in early January, I was going to write this article, but decided against it.  I had decided to quit doing my earnings reports, since they had led to nothing but trouble and encouraged the copy cats to scrape, plagiarize, and clone article after article.  Well…oh well. 

My 2012 InfoBarrel Goals

Like a Teacher:  I will not do much in the summer.  My plan, unless it’s raining and nasty for a prolonged period of time, is to do just enough to get the full revenue share of 90% each month, assuming that’s even still an option this summer.  That means I’ll have to kick it hardcore during the colder months and stay focused on what I’m doing and trying to accomplish. With this in mind, the following goals, in my opinion, are attainable.

Published Articles:  My goal is simple – 800 total articles on InfoBarrel by the end of 2012.  When this article gets published, I’ll have 239 left to go.  That’s a lot of articles, considering I write long ones, but it’s not at all unreasonable.  Heck, I’ve got about 10 months to do it.

Helpful Articles:  I plan to write at least a dozen articles that have tips and helpful hints to fellow InfoBarrel members.  I’m not sure that they will be about, but I’ll come up with something.  I’ll count the anatomy of a cherry article one I just wrote and the ones I wrote in January about SEO and the 80/20 rule toward that goal.  I might do a performance report if I break a record.

Viral Articles:  I’m not a viral marketer.  I have never had an article even come close to going viral.  I target articles differently than most and it’s not a way that lends itself well to viral potential.  I would like to give it a go and have at least one go viral.  While some people, like Ryan the Admin, have had articles gain nearly a million views, my goal is just to have something eclipse 50,000 views on its own in a relatively short amount of time.  I guess I’ll have to open an account on Stumble, Reddit, and see if I can remember my password for Digg.  I’ll probably try at least one article per month that I think has viral potential.  I have a good start on one for this month already.

Contest Wins:  Assuming the same format is kept, I would like to win a total of 3 contests this year.  I won the February contest, so that leaves two more to go.  My main focus with contests isn’t so much winning in the typical terms.  When I get motivated to win a contest, I tend to produce a lot of articles.  The real part of winning from the contests comes in form or published content that earns royalties for years to come, not the $100 Amazon gift card, the badge achievement, or anything else.

Achievement Badges:  The main focus isn’t really earning those badges, but with my goals, there are some I should have by the end of the year.  I’d like to hit level 7 for contest wins, 750,000 words written, and get the 750 articles badge.  I plan to stay active in the community, so I assume I’ll get the 2,700 forum post badge as well.   My writing skills are average and I don’t use much for pictures, so getting featured will only be here and there, if I’m lucky.  Still, if I could get the badge for 7 featured articles, I’d be more than happy.  Since I’m trying my hand at viral marketing, those articles will likely be my best shot.

Record Monthly Income:  I hoped to break the $3,000 barrier last year, but fell a little short in November and December.  Even with my added content, I doubt I will break $3,000 for a month until the Christmas season rolls around.  I guess you never know, but I’m thinking that’s my best chance.  Summertime is normally good to me, but the upswing is more substantial come October.  My goal is actually to have a $4,000 month with the added content, but I’d have to hit $3,000 first.

Amazon Income:  I’m going to work harder on Amazon.  I added a bunch of links back in November or December and it paid off.  I definitely didn’t maximize the potential though.  If I can increase my Amazon income, especially with Christmastime shopping, it will go a long way to helping me hit the $4,000 ultimate goal.  I need to figure out how to add those picture ads, I think.

Beyond InfoBarrel:  Seekyt was my clear #2 site at one point, but the AdSense removal took care of that.  I need to spread it out a little more.  I’m way too dependent on my IB income.  I’ll tinker around with some other sites, maybe start a couple more of my own, and find other ways to earn.  At one point, the goal was to become a fulltime online marketer.  My income level from all sources is substantial, but post-divorce, it’s not feasible and probably won’t be, even if I make way more money than ever before.

eBook…or something:  I have an eBook course, but I need to do something more.  I might write an eBook for Kindle or something similar, but I’m just not sure exactly what the best route is to take.  I know I want to expand beyond article writing; I’m just not sure what.  If I don’t figure it out soon, knowing me, I’ll abandon it and regret it.  Howie and I have been tossing around some ideas on the side, when he’s not too busy in Kuwait, so that’s always an option.

Those are my goals for 2012 on InfoBarrel and beyond.  I don’t know what the Panda updates will bring, but I am confident IB will not only weather the storm, but continue to thrive.  This is probably the only revenue sharing site I have confidence in at the moment.