If you are looking to improve the beauty of your backyard garden then you should look for some pergola design ideas to implement into your backyard landscape. Designing a pergola can be fairly simple or it can be very ornate; the design of yours is completely preferential and should be specifically chosen to meet your tastes and needs first.

What Is A Pergola Anyway?

Pergola Design For Maximum ShadeBefore we get into whipping up better designed pergolas however many people (including avid gardeners) may not even know what it really is in the first place.

A pergola is basically an outside awning which is decorative in nature but also serves the purpose of blocking excess sun from hitting a surface, be it your face, your sidewalk, or patio, or even a garden that requires less sun exposure than others.

An excellent pergola design plan will incorporate all of these requirements into the mix and do them all. For instance, if you have a garden landscape in your backyard near your patio or walkway you may wish to plant your partial sun plants near the walkway or patio that way when you install a pergola to erect over the top of the patio you can make it large enough to cover the plants as well.

Build A Better Pergola

Rustic Pergola Design For GardensBy doing this your design plan will be accomplishing a few tasks at once. You will be protecting your partial sun plants from direct sunlight, you will provide an overhang for your patio to make it nicer to be out in the sun and you will be covering your walkway so that it doesn't heat up as much due to the partial shade of the pergola.

Lastly your design should do just what you would expect from any design. You want your pergola design to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Assuming you have designed a backyard patio and garden to be functional with a pergola then all you need to do is work on designing a beautiful pergola or selecting a pre-made design from a manufacturer or designed that suits your tastes and the overall design theme of your garden and patio.

If you need help in choosing or designing pergolas for your home garden then look for comprehensive guides to building or buying your own. There are many helpful guides out there. They should give you quality guidance on how to design a pergola that both looks great and suits your tastes. Not to mention the authors of these guides tend to have lots of great ideas on additional gardening advice.