Earn Money With Your Skills

Make Extra Money Without Living Your Job

You can make good money with your skills working on your spare time as a freelancer, by doing what you love best with your ideas and skills. All you need is your creative skills and the motivation to propel you to your financial goal. You can venture into any of these businesses to earn additional income for yourself.


* Graphic Artist:  You can learn to do graphic work in your free time to make extra money with your skill. Once you start building customer base, you can just separate three evenings to always work on any job you have along the line; you will start getting printing job contracts and you will eventually make good money with your graphic skills.

* Real Estate Agency: Most of the real estate companies making millions today, started by marketing real estate. Find some real estate firms you can market for and collect your commission any deal that seal through. Marketing properties is something that does not require you to resign from your present job. as you can still be a real estate agent and still make earn good money from it, why you are still working in the office or any company you belongs to.

* Running An Investment Club:  Running an investment club is very lucrative but you have to learn how to run the club. You can start the club for group of people who believe in your investment skills and ideas, and you can then manage their funds, and also give them their necessary returns. While you keep the remaining profit for yourself.

* Paintings:  painting job is something you can do in your spare time and on weekends. you need to build your contacts and check new buildings to make your presence known. and when you secure any job you can do it on weekends. Painting jobs could be house painting or the painting of other equipment and materials. you will charge your client based on the nature of the job, and you can make good money with this type of business without even quitting your day jobs.

* Renting Properties:  You could also build a house in developing areas that you are not ready to live in now and rent it out. You will be collecting rent. it is far cheaper to build in a developing area and it's easier to rent it out. This will generate you income without you quitting your paid job.

* Dividends And Capital Appreciation From Shares:  You can buy up shares and build your stock portfolio to a point where you enjoy maximum benefits of dividends and capital appreciation. all you need to do is master the market and you will start making money regularly

* Catering:  If you know how to make cakes, and other snacks, you can just arrange to do this for weddings, birthdays and so on. It will help you to build your skills and make money on part time basis; Also you could subcontract the big jobs that want to affect your official duties and still make money from there also.

* Internet Money-Making Skills:  You could make more money from the internet through any of the following online businesses: - Google Adsense. - Blogging. - Domain parking and hosting business. - Resell Right Business. - Affiliate Marketing. All you need to do is to acquire the necessary skills, look for a mentor that will coach you on the business that you will like to do. and work very hard on it , and you will then continue to earn good money from the business. There are stories of many successful internet millionaires that are earning their living online...

* Information Marketing:  Information marketing is when you package an information product that people really needs and start selling these information product to people, both online and offline. Information marketing can be done while you are still working in your paid employment...

* Online Writing Business:  Do you have a unique ability to write quality articles? Do you have solid grasp of grammar, spelling, and communication. You your answer to this question is yes. you could become a freelance writer for newspaper, magazines, or other local periodicals. That could help you make extra cash. There are also freelance jobs online that you can do, and you will be paid handsomely for your writing skills. you can also write for other paid to write site online and continue to earn passive income for your writing skills online…