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When I started to write articles online to try to generate income, I wrote articles blindly.  I simply starting writing about any topic that interest me or wrote about topics I had some kind of experience or knowledge about.  I began writing articles using Revenue Sharing Website Platforms free and noticed that it is a fact people who write do earn money online.  I did not earn more than a few cents a day but did see the potential of earning much more and did see the potential of creating residual income over time.

As time went on I noticed that the money I was earning did not increase.  Earning pennies a day continued for some time, so I decided to do some research to find out how to turn the pennies a day into dollars a day.  Taking the time to research to learn Search Engine Optimization techniques was worth the time.  I read, studied and put to practice the techniques I learned, edited articles I wrote years ago and noticed an increase of traffic and an increase of the money I was earning each day.

I put together a list of techniques I started to use when writing articles to earn income online.  The techniques also work when blogging or creating a website.  The techniques help increase traffic, help with Search Engine Optimization and help your articles receive a higher page rank within the search engine results.  The goal is to get your articles, blogs or websites indexed to the search engines with a high page rank.  You want your articles to get indexed one page one of the search engines under the keywords or phrases that you chose for your articles, blogs or websites.

Techniques To Put To Practice

How To Improve Page Ranking

  • Make sure the title fits the topic of the article.
  • Keep in mind that the title becomes a part of the URL.  Universal Resource Locator is simply the address of the article.
  • Use the keywords or phrases within the article's content without spamming.  Don't overly stuff the article with keyword or phrases.  At least use them once or twice.
  • Target the keyword or phrases.  In the tag/keyword/label fields limit the keyword or phrases.  Don't use dozens of keywords or phrases, be specific to the topics content.
  • Use Headers and Subheadings within the article.  Headers and subheads do get noticed when the search engine robots crawl the article's content.
  • Add an image or images to the article and link that image to a relevant article, blog, website or video clip.  Backlink with relevancy.
  • Add a video clip that has relevancy to the topic.
  • Start a YouTube Channel, create videos yourself, link the videos to your articles and use the YouTube Channel to promote your articles, blogs, websites and referral links.  Over time you will notice that your YouTube Channel URL and your videos will get indexed to the search engines.
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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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