Cheap Beveled Glass Mirrors on Sale

Beveled glass mirrors are made in such a way that more light is reflected at its edges, reminding one of how some classic gemstones are cut. Aside from gems, they say that mirrors – especially brilliant beveled glass mirrors - have always been an object of fascination for men. True enough, we have grown up using mirrors as mere tools for grooming, and have used them for so long as decorative pieces in our own personal temples, our space, our home, but with home stores giving us so many options to choose from, we often wonder what sort of mirrors would be most effective for purposes of aesthetically enhancing our home.

My Top Choice

My answer and personal recommendation? Beveled glass mirrors are the way to go. Why beveled glass mirrors? Because these contemporary descendants of the famed 16th century Venetian glass pieces, always add an extra dimension to any room. They are excellent pieces to work with in everyone's pursuit of creating the perfect living space. In fact, designing or coming up with a look for one's house can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite a challenge for most of us. Well worry not, for mirrors are a quick fix, a decorator's panacea if you will, for any design-related problems. One of the great things about using beveled mirrors to add character any room in our homes –is that no matter what size or space you have you'll always be able to add mirrors to it. Even in cramped spaces, you can employ smaller mirrors, which will add to the space that you have and make it appear that you have even more. For many people, using bathroom mirrors in this way is a great tool so they can enjoy their bathroom and maximize the existing space at hand. The effect is almost instantaneous, giving any space that sense of sophistication that could only come from these contemporary pieces.

Let there be Light!

On top of that, beveled mirrors are also perfect solutions to our age-old interior problem, illumination. We all know that our primary source of light is the sun, and that we always have this difficulty harnessing the light coming from our windows. Windows are arguably are the best source of illumination in any room during day time and even at night, and this is critical if you're attempting to use mirrors to control a certain space's brightness. Simply put, if you are going for a bright atmosphere with plenty of light, try to position the mirror so that reflects any natural light from windows. Not only will this brighten the given space, but it can also further the illusion of the space being larger than it really is, should space be lacking for that specific area.

Night time is trickier however since we are forced to work with lamps and such. If you're thinking of having a certain space softly lit, avoid placing the floor mirror opposite any bright windows or opposite the entrance to a bathroom from which bright light will surely emerge and reflect back into the room. You can take advantage of adding more ambiance to your living room by placing the beveled mirror so that it reflects back light of a muted lamp, or an arrangement of candles placed atop another piece of furniture to a get that great illusion of soft and subtle radiance. Imagine a candelabra atop the grand piano, and with this, its image being reflected on that gorgeous beveled mirror hanging on the foyer. If that doesn't get your guest's attention, well nothing else will for sure!

A Wide Variety to Choose From

If you aren't sure as to what type of beveled mirror you want then try finding a store that has mirrors either on the web or in retail and go searching through them. You'll be surprised at the wide varieties at hand. Not only can the frame change vastly but the actual mirror can differ too in shapes, sizes and reflective properties. There are lots of ways of reflecting through glass and the creators have made many style changes since time so you should find yourself not only worried with the framing but the actual mirror quality as well. If you've ever been in an area with a bathroom that had low standards you might notice the reflection was very bad and that would not be the type of style you are looking for if you want it to look nice. A beveled mirror is a good way to say that you not only want nice decorations, but you do care about the elegance of your office or living space as well.

At the end of the day, these types of mirrors serve only to enhance whatever already exists. Beveled mirrors are the way to go for a modern space, but might look awkward in a Victorian-inspired living room. Go ahead and experiment, innovate. Let the inner designer in you take charge, let the beveled mirror be your brush and your home as your canvass! More importantly, have fun.