Parents are often inclined to have dogs inside the house so the child can play with them as he learns how to take responsibility for his pet. Unfortunately, children are usually the victims of dog attacks nationwide and what's more saddening is the fact that a lot of these dog bites are inflicted by family pets.

Common Injuries Sustained

Statistics show that around 2 percent of the population is bitten by dogs each year. Out of this figure, about 800,000 victims are inflicted with injuries serious enough that it requires medical attention.

Being bitten by a dog at a young age is traumatic to a child who might even develop innate fear for these pets. Aside from the trauma, young victims also take with them scars and injuries that will remind them of their experience.

Some of these injuries include abrasions, lacerations, bone and avulsion fractures, tissue loss, punctures, and some even contract rabies and other infections from these dog bites.

These injuries and deformities after a dog attack might need orthopedic, reconstructive, or ="/Plasti c Surgery">plastic surgery so that the damages can be corrected. Scars, on the other hand, may eventually fade away but for those that won't, little can be done about them.


Owners are usually named as the liable party in dog bites and attacks. However, there are cases when other parties have liability over the dog attack.

The dog keeper, landlord, homeowners' association, day care centers, as well as sellers, shelters, and adoption agencies will be held liable for dog bites that occurred in their premises or while they are responsible for either the dog or the victim of the attack.

It would be best to consult with experts who will examine your case and determine the parties who should be held accountable for the injuries sustained in the attack.


Past and future medical expenses and lost wages because of the victim's inability to go to work are two of the common damages sought in dog bite cases. Aside from these economic damages, victims must be aware that he is also entitled to non-economic damages.

The pain and suffering, the trauma, and the post-traumatic stress disorder that the victim might acquire after being attacked and wounded by a dog can also be included as non-economic damages in the compensation to be sought.

Victims of serious dog bites and attacks are encouraged to find an expert Los Angeles personal injury attorney in their area to determine the amount that the liable party must pay.