Highway hypnosis

is a matter which requires serious approach and understanding since it is directly related with our highway driving and accidents. Closely watch while we, or someone on the driver's seat, drive long distance on a highway or long straight road.
Note as how we respond involuntarily to the controls of the car as well as how we meet the demands of the surrounding. While on long drives, we properly respond to the external events without being aware of them or without being aware of doing with a conscious mind.
This condition is called highway hypnosis. Highway hypnosis is simply the phenomenon when we drive the car and take care of other normal activities without actually being fully aware of doing them.
The state of highway hypnosis gets critical when we have to react suddenly, like you have to avoid some unforeseen obstruction on the middle of the road. We usually fail to respond to such emergencies just because of the highway hypnosis.

Highway hypnosis usually occurs when we drive for long distances, without interruptions, on long straight roads or expressways. Once you engage the car in the required driving mode and as you have nothing to do except sitting and looking through the glass, your body and mind will get relaxed and as this relaxed state continues without interruptions and for longer period of time, your mind has all the probability of lulling into passive trance-like state. The ability of your conscious mind to react will be minimized or gone completely.

Till now there are no certain ways to control or avoid highway hypnosis during the long drives. We may, however, take some precautionary measures to minimize the risks of highway hypnosis. We must avoid all the things which can help us relax further or can minimize our mental reactions and awareness.

Never drive soon after a heavy meal, do not listen to music, especially classical music, instead of continuous driving take short and frequent breaks and indulge in some other activity like stretching or light exercise, keep talking to the passenger, keep the car temperature cool with plenty of fresh air, keep noticing the road signs and traffic around you, when you feel the slightest symptoms or feel drowsy stop the car and take rest, don't drive during your normal sleeping hours and, finally, plan your journey so as you don't have to drive long distances without stopping for a reasonable period of time.

As final words, do not forget that highway hypnosis can usually happen when you drive on a long straight road or expressway for hours without stopping or taking rest. It can send you to sleep or you will just become a spectator instead of a driver. Sometimes this happens while your eyes would remain open. You should never ignore the precautionary steps which could minimize the risks of highway hypnosis and, as a consequence, the greater risks of accidents can be avoided.