Want to lower your cholesterol fast? Cutting foods that cause high cholesterol out of your diet is one of the best ways to safely and naturally get your cholesterol levels under control. In many cases you don't even have to completely stop eating certain foods, but simply consume less of them.

It is not uncommon for people to be taken by surprise when they see very positive results just from this fairly simple lifestyle change. When your health is at stake, it is well worth making the effort and exercising some discipline.

So, what are these foods that cause high cholesterol that you should be careful to avoid or reduce in your diet? Let's take a look at the 5 you'd do best to look out for.

Dairy Products

Yes, we all love cheese. Unfortunately, its popularity is also why it is a major contributor to high cholesterol levels. Reduce your consumption or replace it with low fat cheeses.

How about the creamy goodness of full cream milk? Unfortunately, that creamy goodness is creamy badness for your cholesterol. There are plenty of alternatives these days, including both low fat and no fat milk. Use these instead if you don't want to cut milk out completely.

Butter is another dairy culprit. Use soft margarine for spreads instead of butter.


If it had four legs and walked around before it landed on your plate, it's probably not going to be too good for your cholesterol. Beef, along with other meat like mutton and even pork, have a fairly high saturated fat content. Try to eat more chicken (not the skin though) and fish instead. Always cook meat in a healthy way, for example grilling or baking it. You don't need those extra fats that end up in the frying pan.

Hmm, Junk Food

How we enjoy those tasty hamburgers, that greasy fried chicken and oh, those french fries. Unfortunately, they're not doing your cholesterol levels any favors. Limit your consumption of junk food severely. If you are in the mood for hamburgers, make them at home where you can cook everything in a healthy, low fat way.


Funnily enough, despite their bad reputation, eggs aren't a big cholesterol risk provided you don't eat half a dozen a day. The yolks are the culprits here, the whites will do you no harm. Just watch the amount you consume and you should be fine.

High Calorie Snacks and Baked Goods

Beware of those cookies and biscuits and snacks that line the shelves at the supermarket. They often contain saturated fat, trans fat and plenty of sugar. Always read the labels before you buy anything and make sure that the product is trans fat free.

It is, however, still best to avoid these products as much as possible. Not only will they not help your cholesterol, but they won't help you manage your weight either.

Try to limit the amount of foods that cause high cholesterol in your diet, and be sure to eat plenty of foods that help to lower your cholesterol levels. You should be well pleased with the effect this will have on your overall cholesterol levels.