This is the scammer known as Camille Berde




More scammers than real people, they discriminate against men, they do not police their site once a complaint is submitted.

Full Review

This company is owned and operated by Gillian Aliganga, who's place of business is located at 355 Nazal St., Naga, Cebu, 6037 Philippines. The direct email address for the owner is She also lists with WHOIS, an email address of

I have had to file a complaint of discrimination against this company, as they allow the women to use the website for free, but they make the men pay to access the features of it. I brought this to Gillian's attention, but just as any other slug that comes from the Philippines, she could care less. She believes that she is not governed by United States law in regard to our discrimination laws, when in fact she is, because she conducts international commerce with American men.

While I was on that site, I was contacted by many, and please believe me here when I say many, women that almost immediately began to ask me for money. One girl in particular, she uses the name CamilleBerde on the site, was the only one that didn't ask me for money. We talked for about a week, and she, (I believed it was a lady anyway), began to tell me that her father fell ill from lack of insulin for his diabetes. I began to research charity organizations to put her in contact with that would supply her father with the needed insulin. She actually sounded interested in the information I found, leaving me to believe all-the-more that this was real.
This is the scammer known as Camille Berde
I sent her $70.00US, for what I thought was funds to purchase what she said would get her father through 1 weeks worth of insulin and antibiotics. I know that I am a fool now, but when someone tells me that medicine is needed, I've never been able to say no, until now.

She said she did not have any federal or state issued identification and asked that I send the money in the name of her brother, Bobong Alpa Mohammad in the city of Quezon City, without any street address information. So like a fool, I sent it. Now I'm here telling you about it so you won't make the same mistakes I did.

The website has more scammers than they have really true and good ladies on there. If you want to search for other more reputable sites, I know of 2 others where they police their members a lot more, and once a complaint is received by those other 2 sites, that ladies profile is removed immediately. does not care about anyone at all except themselves.

They allow the women to use the site for free so that men will be enticed to pay the membership fee to answer the ever-growing numbers of emails that are sitting there baiting the men to pay. I will come back and add the complaint number with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission once I have it.

I guess now I just have to take everyone else's advice when it comes to sending money. Don't so it.

In Closing

I believe that the Philippines is becoming evermore like Ghana and Nigeria. While I am sure there are good people in all 3 countries, there seems to be an enormous amount of scammers than anything else. Beware.