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Beware of Cebuanas com

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This is the scammer known as Camille Berde




More scammers than real people, they discriminate against men, they do not police their site once a complaint is submitted.

Full Review

This company is owned and operated by Gillian Aliganga, who's place of business is located at 355 Nazal St., Naga, Cebu, 6037 Philippines. The direct email address for the owner is jelly@cebuanas.com. She also lists with WHOIS, an email address of gillian41225@yahoo.com.

I have had to file a complaint of discrimination against this company, as they allow the women to use the website for free, but they make the men pay to access the features of it. I brought this to Gillian's attention, but just as any other slug that comes from the Philippines, she could care less. She believes that she is not governed by United States law in regard to our discrimination laws, when in fact she is, because she conducts international commerce with American men.

While I was on that site, I was contacted by many, and please believe me here when I say many, women that almost immediately began to ask me for money. One girl in particular, she uses the name CamilleBerde on the site, was the only one that didn't ask me for money. We talked for about a week, and she, (I believed it was a lady anyway), began to tell me that her father fell ill from lack of insulin for his diabetes. I began to research charity organizations to put her in contact with that would supply her father with the needed insulin. She actually sounded interested in the information I found, leaving me to believe all-the-more that this was real.
This is the scammer known as Camille Berde

I sent her $70.00US, for what I thought was funds to purchase what she said would get her father through 1 weeks worth of insulin and antibiotics. I know that I am a fool now, but when someone tells me that medicine is needed, I've never been able to say no, until now.

She said she did not have any federal or state issued identification and asked that I send the money in the name of her brother, Bobong Alpa Mohammad in the city of Quezon City, without any street address information. So like a fool, I sent it. Now I'm here telling you about it so you won't make the same mistakes I did.

The website Cebuanas.com has more scammers than they have really true and good ladies on there. If you want to search for other more reputable sites, I know of 2 others where they police their members a lot more, and once a complaint is received by those other 2 sites, that ladies profile is removed immediately. Cebuanas.com does not care about anyone at all except themselves.

They allow the women to use the site for free so that men will be enticed to pay the membership fee to answer the ever-growing numbers of emails that are sitting there baiting the men to pay. I will come back and add the complaint number with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission once I have it.

I guess now I just have to take everyone else's advice when it comes to sending money. Don't so it.

In Closing

I believe that the Philippines is becoming evermore like Ghana and Nigeria. While I am sure there are good people in all 3 countries, there seems to be an enormous amount of scammers than anything else. Beware.


Apr 29, 2010 3:00pm
The picture posted to the right of the article is the one used by the person claiming to be Camille Berde. You can find the same picture on her Cebuanas.com profile page with the username camilleberde.
Apr 29, 2010 3:43pm
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission Complaint Reference number is 26283292.
Aug 29, 2010 11:05pm
Hi Mr Godiepop
First of all, you are not the only victim in cebuanas.com and not only men are complaining, in fact, there are women too - re how the management just do not care about people registering in that site. I am a member of cebuanas.com for a very long time there I met my ex American husband. So I abandoned my profile. It was only just few days ago my friend came across my old profile and had told me my profile is being marked as scammer. I was so alarmed. Since, I can not log in cebuanas.com here in Dubai cause for some reasons it was blocked. All dating sites in UAE is blocked - so I asked my friend to send it to me by MSpowerpoint and there I saw my profile marked scammer! It says "She is married to an American, A liar and a scammer. She tells a lot of sad stories and ask money". When my friend tracked down who complained about it, its Mr. Stephen Watson from Georgia. I can not barely remember him since it was 3 years ago. I am inactive in the site. Then my friend sent his photo and I remember this was the man who wanted me but I did not feel so comfortable with him coz he offered money and sex. That is so demeaning. Most foreign men thinks Filipino women can just have sex because of money- which on the other hand I cant blame them because there are really a lot of Filipino slots and scammers, sad to say. But do not stereotype filipino women! I am glad to say there are still a handful who are real. If I could list down bad traits and characters of American men- 5 sheets would not be enough but I never stereotype them. One, is this Stephen Watson who can not accept no for an answer and in order to retaliate on me, he reported me as a scammer. That's unfair don't you think? But the cebuanas.com management doesn't seemed to care. They just labeled my profile scammer without even investigating if the accusations are true! That's crazy! Why? Is it because men pay for the site and women is for free registration? Can you imagine my photos are all over the site. My mother would be dismayed with the sneering remarks directed at me, if she find out what kind of dire situation I am in. How can I be a scammer by God's grace even without a single dime from my ex American husband, God is able to bestow me with a small advertising company here in Dubai. Anyway, I came across your poll and had to sign up here to comment on this issue. Thanks for the details of cebuanas.com I will email the owner regarding my problem.
Aug 30, 2010 2:06pm
I emailed the above address but its inactive. Do you any more email addresses that I could possibly complain to. Thank you
Aug 30, 2010 2:53pm
You might just have to go to their website and send them an email from there.
Nov 26, 2010 5:37am
Goodiepop I found my wife on cebuanas.com, we are now married and have two kids of our very own.
Back when I was an active member of the website, cebuana spammed me all the time with so many 'Don't give money to Scammers.' and "For your information this is how much things really cost in the philipines so if she's asking for more than this for X thing, she's probably scamming you' and so on and so forth that I eventually marked the cebuanas e-mails as spam so I didn't have to take the trouble of manually deleting all their e-mails. Are you sure that your didn't do what I did and spam the cebuanas e-mails?

From my perspective having met my wife on the site I know the site isn't a scam site and thus have to wonder if you either ignored the anti-scammer e-mails or didn't bother to examine the website which also warns you about the common scams out there and asks you to report them. At least there was a whole web page devoted to the subject along with a spam like amount of e-mails regarding the subject when I was an active member.

Also when I reported a scammer, her profile was deleted.

Addtionally when I was a member Cebuanas had a feature on the website where you could send flowers and chocolates or send flowers and 500 pesos, to your prospective girl. then send a member of their staff to actually meet the girl of your choice and take a photo of her which they send directly to you. so you can see if the girl who shows up to get your gift is the same girl who shows up in her photo profile.

Finally regarding women asking for money for their families. When my wife came over to america we joined the Philippine american friendship group, which is a non-profit that covers the country. So that lonely philippine wives can get together and socialize. The husbands are dragged along for the ride and kareoke singing. And I don't know of a single philippine wife who hadn't sent money and balikbayan boxes full of stuff back home to their families. Three of the other husbands and I got together at least once a month and sometimes twice, and let me tell you all of their wives wanted to work and send money.

I fear that if having your wife ask you to send money home to her family is a deal killer for you, then while its not impossible to find a filipina with that mindset. It'd be similar to finding an american woman who verbally wanted to be bare foot and pregnant. Well neigh impossible but not entirely outside the realm of reality.

So in short I'm kind of stunned that you reported them to the FTC. Either things have really changed over there since I was last active or you didn't look before you leaped and are blaming the website for the resulting frustrations.

Either way reading this article leaves me more than a bit ticked off to hear this about a site that changed my life for the better and in no small part led me down the path to my two young sons. If I'd never joined cebuanas I wouldn't have met my beloved wife. I just can't believe it.
Nov 26, 2010 5:57am
After reading your note, I pondered on what would have happened if I had been as fortunate as yourself in finding a lady that is true. While I'm sure there are plenty of good women in the Fils with good hearts and sincere intention, the amount of scammers that I encountered was just over-the-top.

I'm not a good looking man by any stretch of the imagination, so I figured that I just had that look in my picture that just screamed, "Use Me".

My groaning about the site isn't so much with the numbers of ladies that asked for money, or wanted me to join some other site so they could strip naked on a webcam for me. My chief complaint was that once I reported these ladies to the admin at Cebuanas.com, they chose to do nothing.

They continued to use my profile, even past one year of my no longer participating with the site. It was not until I threatened local legal action that they removed it.

The last time that I was able to log into my profile there, I saw that I had 236 emails waiting for me, which just concreted in my mind, that the site admin just wants the men to pay to be able to read the emails.

The site itself is more of a scam operation than the numbers of ladies that either asked for money, or wanted me to sign up with the other sites that paid them to get naked on their provided cameras.
Dec 13, 2011 11:22am
Its a shame that the men that join that sight are getting scammed for money. When they want a legitimate relationship with these women. Been with my filipino wife since 1988 and wouldnt change it for the world. Sent money over to her family for almost 10 years then when her brothers got here they took over the sending of the money and even paid me back. Guess I found a good one. To the men out there looking for a filipino woman, dont give up, ther are plenty of other sights to go on besides Cebuanas.
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