Of more than 250 Bewitched episodes those featuring Samantha's daughter Tabitha are among the best (and cutest). Having a young child with magical powers who is not old enough to understand the problems of using them in the mortal world certainly adds to the challenges of parenting. 

The role of Tabitha was first played by fraternal twins Diane and Erin Murphy. As the twins started to look less alike as they grew older Erin alone played Tabitha after Season 4.  Diane did return to play Tabitha in the Season 5 episode "Samantha Fights City Hall" when Erin was ill with the mumps. She also plays a birthday party guest 'Annabelle' in the episode "A Bunny for Tabitha" in Season 6 and a rag doll in "Samantha and the Troll" (Season 7) 

Tabitha makes her entry into Samantha and Darrens' lives in the episode "And Then There Were Three" (Season 2 - 1966), although Endora is the main complication during these early parenting days. It is not until Season 3 (1966 - 1967) that Tabitha uses magic for the first time in the episode "Nobody's Perfect". Tabitha's newly discovered powers are central to Season 3 with the episodes "The Moment of Truth" when Darren finds out about his daughter's powers and "It's Wishcraft" where Tabitha's powers develop into 'wishcraft' being the most important.

Season 4 (1967 - 1968) has some of the most memorable episodes where Tabitha's powers create chaos. These episodes include "Toys in Babeland", "The Safe and Sane Halloween", "A Prince of a Guy" and "Playmates".

Tabitha's magic only appears twice in Season 5 (1968 - 1969) "I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly" (one of the best episodes of Bewitched) and "Tabitha's Weekend". Just as well Samantha and Darren have had a break from childhood magic in this season because in Season 6 (1969 - 1970) their second child Adam arrives. Tabitha, like any child, has some anxieties about a new baby which is seen in  "Samantha and the Beanstalk" and "Tabitha's Very Own Samantha". Tabitha's magic also creates confusion in "Just a Kid Again",

Unfortunately Season 7 (1970 - 1971) only truly features Tabitha once in "Sisters at Heart". Season 8 (1971 - 1972), the last season of Bewitched, features Tabitha in "TV or Not TV", "Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland" and "Tabitha's First Day of School". Tabitha's last appearance in Bewitched appears in the episode "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished".

Tabitha & Samantha
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