The company Beyerdynamic is a well renowned German manufacturer that produces high end quality audio products and the following DT 770 Pro headphones is one of their newest offerings in the sub-$300 headphone market. They are generally aimed at people looking for high bass quality in their music but who don't really want to head into the $400+ price range in order to get it.

In this article we are going to take a technical and rather objective look at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro as well as share some customer reviews, feedback and opinions in order to decide whether they deliver on all their supposed promises. A technical review can be helpful in determining whether a particular set of headphones will meet your preferences and needs but the only way to know how they actually all come together and perform is to get the evaluation from numerous customers who have spent a good amount of time actually using them. Hence, that's why we cover both bases within this article.

DT 770 Pro: Sound QualityBeyerdynamic DT 770 PROCredit: -- Beyerdynamic

Tonal accuracy is outstanding and the noise isolation of the cans supports a clean listening experience. Bass is the highlight, being very clear though it can be somewhat exaggerated at times. However, the speakers do seem to improve over time with the bass becoming less exaggerated and the mid tones becoming clearer. Having a long break in time on high quality headphones is not that unusual and this set might need at least 100 hours to 150 hours of use before they reach their full potential.

The only technical sound limitation that the DT 770 Pro's suffer from is loading and efficiency. Where smaller MP3 players and laptop sound cards simply will not put out enough power to give the speakers their usual volume and depth. This can however be countered with a USB headphone amplifier for laptops but of course this will add an additional cost to the overall price you will be paying. 

DT 770 Pro: Build Quality

The build quality of this headphone set will likely be the other main selling point for most customers. The materials used are leather, steel and a softer material (not unlike sheepskin) for the ear muffs. All of these are extremely durable and are unlikely to become damaged even with a pretty sizeable drop. The cables that are running to each can are also external to the size adjusters, not inside of them like some models. This hence means that constant adjustment of the extenders is not going to wear out and damage the cables. The actual cable itself is also quite strong, though will still be damaged if rolled over with a desk chair on a hard floor. The soft ear muffs do compress somewhat firmly for the noise cancellation but they are extremely comfortable with the fitted padding and material being very pleasant. 

DT 770 Pro: Storage Aspects

These are pretty tough headphones so you can store them almost anywhere you can fit them without fear of damaging them. However, they can be considered a bit on the bulky side and will hence ideally either need a hanger or a larger drawer to fit them in. The only real storage adjustment you can make is in reducing the length of the band on the headphone, but this is only a marginal improvement. This hence might be an issue if you are space conscious.

DT 770 Pro: Connectivity

The DT 770 Pro features a standard gold-plated 3.5mm headphone jack and it comes with a gold-plated 6.35mm adapter for use on recording equipment. If you are wanting to connect these to a USB device then you will need a USB adapter or a USB amplifier as mentioned earlier in the article.

My Overall Opinions

These headphones really deliver on sound quality, albeit it with a rather long break in period. They are rugged and will last for a years even with day on day use. However, they aren't very well suited to laptop users or people with smaller MP3 players (the iPod 5 Classic would be suitable etc., however). The ideal customer for this set is one that works in audio engineering, radio, a studio or mainly wants them for comfort and home listening because of their decent noise cancellation, superior comfort, and excellent (and true to original) sound reproduction features.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

As mentioned just above -- the 'best' way to find out how a particular set of headphones performs in the short term and particularly in the long term is to look to reviews from actual 'real-life' customers. The technical specifications on the DT 770 Pro's are outstanding as can be seen from the above, but how do they perform from a customer's point of view -- with every day use? Well, from the average ratings (of 54 reviewers) offered on Amazon it scores 94% -- obviously a rather impressive score and is showered with positive reviews and comments such as...

From a Radio Professional - "Until I tried Beyedynamics, every single pair [of headphones] I have owned has let me down in ten months… Best investment I ever made." This customer really attests the outstanding build quality and faithful sound reproduction of his Beyerdynamic DT 770's, which he has owned for over five years.

From a Studio Audiophile - "These are wonderfully 'true' headphones. Nothing added, no coloring of the sound, just good wide soundstage that gets me really, really 'close' to the mix." This customer talks about their preference for 'flat response' headphones since they make mixing and equalizing much easier. The natural sound quality and faithful bass reproduction allows him to stay as true to the original source as possible when mixing.

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