Random Internet Gems for Rainy Days

The things that some people do with their bodies is just beyond comprehension. From incredible acts of flexibility to amazing displays of strength and power, it begs you to ask, what would make anyone even think of attempting something like this?

Extreme Flexibility

Man Stretches to Unnatural Limits

Yes, surprisingly, this is a man, and yes, he just made Jean Claude Van Damme's signature splits look amateur. If you can bear to watch to the end, it gets even more interesting as the Poland's own Jacek Malinowski takes his splits position to the ground to prove that he can endure. Ouch!

Contortionism in Popular Media

This Coke Zero ad features contortionist whose body does not obey the natural laws of kinesiology. The video starts a little slow but wait for the "twist" at the end. Does this man have bones?

Woman Contortionist Displays Graceful Art-Form

South African Nokulunga Buthelezi, aka Schlagenfrau - Snake Woman, is reported to be one of the most talented contortionists in the world. A natural talent, Buthelezi began her contortionist career in elementary school, performing for her classmates and teachers.

Extreme Martial Arts

Crazy Martial Arts Block Break

In this video a man smashes through blocks of concrete weighing 20 stone or 280 pounds. To measure the kind of force he has to generate in order to accomplish this, detectors are hooked up to a computer and the whole thing is measured.

The video is a bit slow to set up. If you want to see just the block break, fast forward to 1:14.

Extreme Martial Arts Training

This video offers a rare glimpse into the extreme training methods of traditional shaolin martial artists. Why would they endure such pain? Endurance through strength in the face of pain demonstrates the martial artist's ability to control their bodies and their energy.

Yes, those were real cattle. Yes, that man broke a brick over the other one's head. And yes (thankfully), this is nothing like western martial arts training.

Extreme Strength

Man Defies Age with Super-Strength

This man performing a turtle freeze on a glass bottle in a public market shows that age is no factor for fitness or extreme strength. How many of us were in that kind of shape in the primes of our lives?

This Kid Isn't Human!

I'm not sure whether to abhor the fact that Giuliano Stroe's parents have a YouTube channel for their son or to be impressed with Stroe's amazing display of control and strength. This little guy is absolutely amazing.

One Woman Who Can Change Her Own [Tractor] Tire

American Strongwoman Kristin Rhodes performs a 230 lb Axle Press in this video. Rhodes was the 2008 runner up in the World's Strongest Woman. The only other American woman to place higher in this competition was Jill Mills who won the title of World's Strongest Woman in 2001 and 2002.