If you already enjoy playing MMORPG games on your handset (iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc) then you’re likely to find something you like about Beyond the Dead. If you do not already play these types of games then this Beyond the Dead iPhone Game Review may convert you.

This is the third free game app released by developers Gree that follow very similar gaming structures, the main differences are the themes offered by their games. Crime City was released first and has a mob/mafia theme, Legends at War followed with a dragon/fantasy theme, and now Beyond the Dead has been released and has a zombie theme.

You are given control of a party of 5 survivors, you can roam around well crafted 3D maps hunting and killing zombies. In addition, you can collect items, other survivors, build your settlement and work you way up through the levels.

Beyond the Dead Loading ScreenCredit: Taken by myself

Like most multiplayer online games, there are two very different methods of game play available, PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). You can play both methods simultaneously, or as a lot of players do you can choose what method suits you best. I will breakdown the differences below;

PvE (Player vs Environment)

PvE uses up your energy that regenerates at 1 per 3 minutes and has a maximum cap of 100 limiting how many times you can perform an action. The actions you can perform are;

  • Attacking NPC characters for silver and new survivors
  • Completing assigned missions to gain awards
  • Completing LTQs (Limited Time Quests) for additional awards

Completing missions in PvE mode is the quickest way to gain silver and new survivors to join your party.

As you follow the assigned quests in order your NPC drops and rewards will become better, but in addition will take more energy to perform.

Beyond the Dead MissionsCredit: Taken by myself

PvP (Player vs Player)

PvP uses up your adrenaline that regenerates at 1 per 20 minutes and has a maximum cap of 3 limiting the amount of attacks you can perform on other players. The main two actions you can perform are;

  • Attacking another player for 1 adrenaline
  • Power attacking another player for 3 adrenaline

After attacking another player you have a 10 minute window to make another successful attack. Every 3 successful attacks in a row will gain you a special prize, this is usually some silver or more survivors.

To be successful when attacking other players the total attack value of your party of survivors must be higher than the total defence value of your opponent’s chosen party. You will not know your opponents strength before attacking so having some luck on your side come in useful. If you choose to make a power attack using 3 adrenaline you will double your attack value allowing you to beat much stronger players.

Talent Points

Every time you level up your account you receive 1 talent point. Talent points can be used to add bonuses to different skills and elements. Be careful where you allocate your points as it will cost you real money to reallocate them if you feel you made a mistake. Look ahead and see what skills you want to eventually unlock and work your way towards that goal.

Joining an Alliance

You can create your own alliance or apply to join an already established alliance. Once you are part of an alliance you have access to a chat function to communicate with other players. This can help you make friends, or share info regarding your progress in the game.


Survivors are the staple of the game, you collect new survivors as you make progress either from attacking NPC characters or completing quests. You will need to assign your strongest 5 into your party as this makes up you overall attack and defence values used in tasks.

Levelling up Survivors

You can level up your survivors to add extra attack and defence to them. To do this you need to use up your lower level survivors that are too weak to make it into your party. Be aware that any survivors used to level up another survivor will be consumed and there is no way to recover them.

Evolving Your Survivors

In addition to levelling up survivors you can evolve them 3 times. To evolve you need 2 survivors exactly the same. Go into the in game options, select evolve and then select both survivors together, both survivors will be consumed and you will be given a new survivor with higher value stats.

To gain the most out of your survivors the goal is to evolve them fully, and then you can level them up with the spare survivors you have. Be aware that both tasks require in game silver collected from defeating zombies, so you may not always have enough silver to fully level.

Building up Your Settlement

Beyond the Dead SettlementCredit: Taken by myself

You have an area of land that you can use to generate more silver from buildings. Select buildings from the in game menu and when you have enough silver to build them, do so. You will have silver income to collect periodically from your buildings and can upgrade them for faster returns over time. This may feel long winded at first but will prove important late game when the silver starts coming in faster.


Beyond the Dead has a lot of depth for an iPhone app. I have covered all the basics and gone into enough detail for anyone to explore the game. If you have any detail to add please feel free to leave a comment.