Bianco Romano granite is white and gray granite with burgundy tones, and is imported from Brazil. This type of granite is easy to clean and maintain and would work well for kitchens and bathrooms. It is also very durable, which is why it’s so popular among homeowners. This granite can be purchased at most home improvement stores and online interior decorating retailers, and you’ll also find great discounts  from time to time.

Here are some ideas on decorating with Bianco Romano granite. If you have an antique white kitchen, you should consider using it as the gray and burgundy colors in this granite balance out the white in the kitchen. When you use Bianco Romano granite for a kitchen countertop, you can accessorize this countertop with painted wooden vases, stainless steel kitchen bowls, some wicker baskets with magazines in them, or a small rack to hang your measuring tools on. Be sure not to clutter your Bianco Romano granite countertop with too many items because you want to maintain a clean look in the antique white kitchen. You can also glue some gemstones or beads on the  countertop for extra flair.

Here is how to clean Bianco Romano granite. Never use steel wool or another hard sponge to clean it because this will leave scratches on the countertop and it will make the countertop look unattractive. Instead use a slightly wet rag or soft sponge. Also avoid harsh liquid chemicals when cleaning your Bianco Romano granite because this discolors the granite. A little vinegar and water or a special cleaner for granite countertops would be the best choices for cleaning a Bianco Romano countertop. When you spill something on your countertop, wipe it right away to avoid permanent stains on it. If you’re still unsure of how to clean your Bianco Romano countertop, read the owner’s manual because it will give you specific directions.

When you purchase the granite from a home improvement store, ask the seller how long they’ve been in business and if their installers are licensed and certified to install kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Also ask if they offer free in-home consultations before the installation. Once you’ve chosen the installer for your  granite countertop or vanity, have the contractor give you a written contract which states the details of the installation, when it will be completed and the total cost. You also want to ask what is included in the total cost. During the project, monitor the workers periodically and if you see something that isn’t right, alert the contractor immediately.

Bianco Romano granite adds elegance and functionality to any home, and this is why it is still a favorite material for homeowners who want new kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Based on customer reviews, Bianco Romano granite has a simplicity about it but it’s also long-lasting.

Types Of Bianco Romano Granite

There is only one type of Bianco Romano granite but this granite has many benefits. These benefits include durability, style, convenience and elegance. More homeowners are using Bianco Romano granite each year and homebuyers prefer homes whose kitchens have this type of countertop. This granite is easy to maintain and clean, and this is another reason why Bianco Romano is very popular for homeowners. You can find it at most stores and online retailers, and it’s one of the most affordable styles of granite.

However, Bianco Romano granite is a variant of white granite and here is why white granite styles such as Bianco Romano are excellent for homes. One reason is because they create a spacious environment. In my kitchen I don’t like a lot of clutter for décor so when I had my granite installed in my kitchen, it automatically widened the space in my kitchen. Even after I placed some collectibles on the countertops, it still didn’t look cluttered.

Another reason why white granite styles such as Bianco Romano are great is because they bring a clean and crisp look to a room. When I had this granite installed in my kitchen, I noticed that the kitchen looked very neat and clean. And this countertop doesn’t clash with the other colors in the kitchen. I would recommend it for homeowners who want a brighter look to their kitchens or bathrooms. It is sleek yet still elegant for any room, and it makes the kitchen appear fresh.

Another reason why white granite styles such as Bianco Romano work well for homes is they complement all kinds of flooring. My kitchen flooring is of ceramic tile and I like how the Bianco Romano granite balances the green and orange in my ceramic tile floors. And another relative who has cherry oak floors in her kitchen told me she enjoys how the granite complements the oak floors and other kitchen décor.

White granite styles such as Bianco Romano are great because they create a calm effect for the room. I find my kitchen to be one of the most peaceful places in the home and part of this is because of the  countertop that I see when I first walk in. When I’m chopping foods on my countertop, I don’t think about the stresses of my work day or the bills that are due the following month.

White granite styles such as Bianco Romano granite are also fantastic because they lighten up dark walls in the home. I recently watched a few home decorating programs and a few interior designers mentioned that if a room has dark walls, you should lighten it up with a white granite countertop or vanity if the bathroom walls are dark.

Reasons To Buy Bianco Romano Granite

One main reason to buy Bianco Romano granite is because it increases the value of your home. This is because one of the main selling points for homebuyers is whether the kitchen or bathroom vanity has a Bianco Romano granite countertop. My younger brother just graduated from college but he saved up enough money for a down payment on a home with the income he earned from his marketing job while in school. He’s currently searching for a home and when I asked him why he turned down a really nice home that was within his budget, he told me that it was because the kitchen didn’t have his favorite  countertop.

Another good reason to buy granite is because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Recently I visited a friend and he had the Bianco Romano granite countertop in his bathroom. He mentioned that he not only liked the style of it for his ocean-themed bathroom, but he also loved that it was easy to clean. My friend works hectic hours during the week so he’s not a big fan of spending hours cleaning rooms in the home.

One reason to buy Bianco Romano granite is because it works well for rustic-style homes. For example, if you have a vintage kitchen with a French countryside feel to it, it is an excellent choice because it complements your old-school cabinets and dressers as well as the hardwood or ceramic tile flooring in this kitchen. Or if you have an art deco-style bathroom with an antique tub and linen shower curtains, the use of Bianco Romano adds the elegance to this bathroom.

Another reason to buy Bianco Romano granite is because it’s eco-friendly. This is because Bianco Romano granite is a type of stone, which makes this a natural material. If you’re looking for new ways to “green” your home more this year, start by purchasing Bianco Romano granite. In addition, it  is also heat resistant and lasts longer than other materials that are used for countertops.

It’s a good idea to buy Bianco Romano granite because it easily complements the other colors in your home. I have a red and white color scheme in my kitchen and the grayish and burgundy color in the  countertop balances my kitchen’s colors well. Other colors which go well with this granite include teal, deep orange, navy blue, mocha and even pastel colors.

Another benefit of Bianco Romano granite is that it can be purchased at most home improvement stores, and you can even customize this granite to make it fit with your room’s theme and main colors. I purchased Bianco romano  from a local independent wholesaler, and this allowed me to buy the granite in bulk for a discount price. You can also go online and get great bargains on this granite or you can order it directly from a well-known and trusted manufacturer.