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Child sits alongside you rather than under your feet

Comes with a selection of adaptors to fit any buggy frame.

Extremely good fun for children.


You will be stopped in the street by people wanting to know where you bought it.

Full Review

When you have three children under four......

Getting them to and from places is a bit of a challenge. Just getting out of the door seems to take an age and your friends and family will soon realise that when you say "I'll be there in an hour" you actually mean "I'll try to be with you today".

Once you have actually got out the door to make the journey slightly more bearable its worth investing in a travel system that can help all your young children, not just those that are lucky enough to still be pushed around in a buggy.

Catering for the "non buggied" child.

Our youngest two children are still young enough to be pushed around in their Jane Powertwin Pro Buggy. However our four year old is still too little to manage the mile long walk to school in the morning. He tries his best but its a long way for his legs which, according to him "keep stopping working" around the half mile mark.

We therefore started looking at ways we could help him on our long walks.

Buggy Board Testing.

We were lucky enough to have a friend who lent us a Buggy Board for a week. However it was of no use to us. Our buggy is quite awkward to push, especially if there is a bit of shopping underneath and school bags on the top. Because of this it becomes nearly impossible to push if you are having to lean over the child on the buggy board to push the other two children.

Occasionally I also found myself tripping over the buggy board or worse treading on the child sitting or standing on the buggy board.

I have been advised by many people that they did not suffer this problem and it may be due to me being a clumsy sod...charming.

Bibi Swiss Strolli Rider : An answer to our problem.

After giving the Buggy Board back to our friends they suggested that as it was no use to us we may want to have a look at a Bibi Swiss Stroller but they did warn that it was considerably more expensive.

We managed to find a video online of a child using the stroller. We showed it to our eldest who's face lit up when he saw it and he made it clear he was very fond of the "Buggy Bike on the puter".

The Stroller is the best purchase we have made for any of our children. The child on the stroller sits to one side of you so they are not in the way of you pushing the buggy. They can sit upright and the handlebars make them feel like they are riding a bike.

The child is also at a higher level so they can see what is around them rather than having their view restricted to the back of the buggy you are pushing.

The only downside we have found with the Mobi Stroller is that you do get a lot of people coming up to you and wanting to know where they can buy one. My wife has also become know as "The Woman with the way cool bike thing" at our eldest childs school.

In Closing

In conclusion the Bibi Swiss Stroller Rider is an amazing purchase for people who have young children that are too big for buggies. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.