Church workers including pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders have a difficult job to perform. Working with people is always difficult, but the questions about theological issues, personality conflicts, and dire needs that are a part of any congregation can make the job of a full-time Christian worker especially arduous. Fortunately, there are many special schools that are equipped to prepare ministers and other church staff for ministry to people in their own churches and to those who live in the surrounding community. A Christian university, Bible college, and seminary can all offer adequate preparation for ministry, but one of the many fine Bible colleges that are in operation across the United States can be the best choice for many people. If you are having trouble choosing among the various Bible colleges in the country, these steps should help you make your final decision.

Things You Will Need

Internet connection, paper and pen to make lists

Step 1

Good Bible colleges will train you to interpret the Bible properly (26352) Go to pastors and other leaders in the Christian community to find out if they have any favorite Bible colleges. These people will know of the very best schools that offer Bible and ministry degrees, and their recommendations should be taken seriously by those who want adequate preparation for church work. Many of them will even have first-hand experience with a particular Bible college and seminary because they went to school there.

Step 2

Look up the schools that have been recommended and also do an Internet search for Bible colleges that may also be viable options for you. You might even find some online Christian colleges that would be a great place to begin your education. After this step, you will have a list of schools that you may want to attend.

Step 3

Investigate the faculty at all of the Bible colleges you have found and try and get a handle on their reputation as scholars and their quality as teachers. You might be able to find online teacher reviews that can inform you of their skill as professors, but even if you do not, try and at least skim through any of their publications to see how knowledgeable and articulate they are in their writing. This will give hints as to whether the Bible college and seminary will be a good choice.

Step 4

Read the statements of faith of all the Bible colleges on your list to find out their particular theological perspective. Unless you are well grounded in your church's or denomination's approach to theology, you are going to want to attend a school that shares the view of said church or denomination.

Step 5

Based on what you have done, narrow down your list of Bible colleges to a group of finalists that represent the most viable options for your education.

Step 6

Contact these finalists and make appointments to visit each of the Bible colleges on your narrowed list. An in-person visit should help you discern the schools where you will want to send your admission applications. Obviously, this step does not apply if you are going to be choosing among different online Christian colleges. There is almost no limit to the number of Bible colleges that would be excellent choices for an education. Follow these steps, and you should have an easier time choosing the best school for you.

Tips & Warnings

• Take the time to do a good search, you do not want to end up at the wrong Bible college and seminary. • Try and talk to students at one of your potential Bible colleges, as they will be able to let you know about their experience on campus.