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Does God reward us for bible obedience? Or can we just live our lives any way we choose and still expect God to bless and reward us? Are the promises of God for everybody or just those who choose to live their lives according to the word of God? Does God owe anything to those who choose to ignore Him and His Word? Common sense would tell you; no He does not. After all, if they ignore God they're not praying and prayer is one of the ways God gives us what ask for as in Mark 11:24. Others can pray for us and God will answer their prayer, but He is not obligated to. However, when we belong to Him, obey the bible and live our lives for Him then He rewards us in many ways every single day and best of all we sometimes don't even have to ask. This brings us to what kinds of rewards or gifts God gives us for our obedience in the bible.

Bible Obedience- What does God give us?

The first and most valuable reward God gives us for bible obedience is Himself. That's right, we not only belong to Him, but He belongs to us. He becomes our spirtual father. We have a natural father; however, we also need a spiritual One to guide us in the spirit. As you may know this is the natural world in which we live and see, but there is also a spirit world that we cannot see. When we belong to God and Him to us then we have access to Him at all times. There is no greater gift than God with us.

Another reward we get is eternal life. When we die our spirits spend eternity someplace and there is only two places we can go. We all know what the choices are and I don't know about you, but I only want to spend eternity in heaven not the other. Romans 6:23 tells us the gift of God is eternal life.

God promises to protect us from trouble in Psalm 32:7, so another reward is protection. He is our protector; however, He isn't obligated to do this if we're disobedient. When we're disobedient we set ourselves up for trouble. Sometimes God allows us to dig our own self out so that we learn a lesson. The lesson is when we disobey God there can be serious consequences.

The Lord also rewards us peace. In fact, in Ephesians 2:14 the bible states He is our peace. There is no price a person can put on peace. Peace of mind is invaluable without it we are stressed out, angry and frustrated. When we know God and have a personal relationship with Him we are at peace.

One of the greatest gifts God gives us when we practice bible obedience is a new heart. He exchanges the old hard heart for a new one. This isn't only a reward it's a miracle! God does amazing transformations in people who are ready to change their lives and live according to His plan. Read it in Ezekiel 36:26 and see for yourself, we not only get a new heart, but a new spirit as well.

In Philippians 3:21 we are rewarded with a new glorious body. That is, when the old one dies. You see, we're not a body with a spirit, but instead a spirit in a body. This body is merely a temple that houses our spirit for a moment in time. However, our new glorious body is forever.

There are many other rewards for bible obedience these are but a few. If you were hoping for more materialistic rewards or gifts don't worry you get those too!

Bible Obedience- Easy does it

People tend to see bible obedience as restrictive and difficult to accomplish, but it doesn't have to be. The deal is that the closer you get to God by spending time with Him, prayer and reading the bible the easier it gets to obey Him. You have to give it time and not be so hard on yourself. God knows where you're at and acknowledges your effort. The deal is that the more time you spend with Him the more you love Him. Consequently, it becomes easier to obey because you want to.

When we want to obey it is easier. When we think we have to give up things that we like or like to do then we resist and get rebellious. For example, we know the bible says adultery is a sin and if we're cheating on our spouse then we know we have to give up cheating. The truth of the matter is that we will get way more than we will ever have to give up when we live for God. We gain we don't lose!

Understand that God has these rules or commandments in His Word to guide you the right way. He knows what is best and you don't. He knows the price you will pay when you are disobedient and doesn't want to see you hurt. When you hurt He hurts. Likewise, as you continue in your walk with the Lord there will come a time when you will feel His pain. That's right, what breaks His heart will break yours. God feels and is like us as it says back in Genesis 1:27.

Serve others as He did. As you know Jesus set the example when He put the towel on His waist to wash the feet of the disciples in John 13:5. When you help people who are less fortunate than yourself it can be life changing. As a result, you become more like Him, which helps you to be more obedient.

Hang out with other Christians and get away from bad influences. Your sphere of influence is very important since you become like who you're around. Don't worry, whoever and whatever you give up for God He will give back to you with interest.

Those who are successful in bible obedience don't claim to be perfect. God knows we fall short of the mark, but as we acknowledge and repent of our short comings He is faithful to forgive. Remember, God knows our hearts (Luke 16:15), He knows everything we think, do or say. We cannot fool Him it's impossible. God rewards us because of His great love for us we really don't deserve anything.