Bible Prophecy - Finding the Key to Making Sense Out of It.

For many, the areas in the bible which deals with prophecy does not make sense. So much that a lot of personal views and interpretation exists just to make it real. Furthermore, many religious organizations have different views and interpretations. Sometimes ending up in heated arguments between followers.

Interpretations come in various flavors. Some inspiring. Some scary. Some just plain educational. But to normal individuals, it sounds more like figures of speech.

It even appears contradicting that the bible is known to be divinely inspired and yet comes in various inspiration. So how do we make sense out of it?

Finding the key itself complicates matters and even worse you could end up using wrong key. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. But like anything, there is a starting point. As a start, one needs to be interested. Keeping an open mind also helps. Setting aside past assumptions and ideas but taking note of them will eventually help as you progress.

One thing to keep in mind about prophecy is that it is "history written in advance". Approximately one fourth of the bible is written about prophecy! If you really believe the bible is inspired then your missing out on one fourth of that divine inspiration! But don't despair, because getting the key to major prophecies of the bible will kick you off into more advance knowledge.

Another area where many falls short is the elimination of the old testament. Just keep in mind that support of the new testament is mostly found in the old testament. Look closer to the quotes Christ and the apostles make. They quote from the old testament. Obviously since the new testament was still being acted upon and written that their reference material is only the old testament books. That's one reason why "The Acts" book is named as such. Most of prophecy was written in the old testament and many have been fulfilled during the early new testament times.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the bible interprets itself. You'll have to grasp the wholeness of the bible to really tie things up. The book is not like "one topic at a time" and numerically arranged. It takes a lot of reading and reference materials. But if your into history, then biblical history is going to help you a lot.

Now the key really lies in the identification of the people involved. That really is the heavy part. That is why bible history is important. Who the modern day people being referred to in prophecy. Identifying these people or nation will give you a kick into knowing the reason behind these prophecies and why they were stated that way.

In bible history, the world started with a few families. Families started to branch out and established their own traits and cultures. The only problem today is that these enlarged families have migrated, inter-mingled and produced other group of families that share the basic races. Not all are in one place necessarily as it was in biblical times.

Consider the outspoken nation of Israel in the bible. If one looks at a map and observe the people living in that nation, no wonder one would not be able to understand prophecy!

Therefore, the foundational key in making sense of bible prophecy is in the identifying of the modern day nation or nations mentioned in the bible. Where they are now and who they are. Armed with that knowledge, you will readily know why a certain prophecy is given to the peoples of modern day Israel, peoples of modern day Assyria, the coming "Beast", the King of the North, the King of the South, the Harlot of Revelation and a whole lot other prophecies mentioned in the bible.

Take your time. There's a lot in store for you in bible prophecy. If you want to know more, check out other articles in this site. More articles of the same theme to come.