Bible study is a necessary part of spiritual growth. Studying the Bible is essential for college women because the Bible helps you grow closer to the Father and learn life lessons from the stories in the Bible. Each Bible study has a profound message about life, character or choices. Bible studies can be done in a series of small studies or one broad topic.

The Story of Job

A Bible study for a college woman can be about the story of Job. An entire book of the Bible is about Job and what he went through. This is a good bible study topic for college women because many young people can take on the wrong mindset and think they are doing good, when they are actually doing things contrary to God's laws.

A college woman will find that she is put into several situations where she might think too highly of herself. A young woman can learn a lot about the proper perspective from reading the book of Job.

He was a faithful servant, and God was very pleased with him. However, God gave Satan power to cause great trials and burdens to be put on Job. He was given the ultimate test. He was sick and his wife and children died. He lost everything and in the end he finally realized that he had the wrong attitude all along. Job still needed God's help to change. He was given back what he lost and he remarried and had more children.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The fruits of the Holy Spirit is another Bible study that a young woman can do at one sitting or in a series. This appeals to a young woman who is trying to apply God's principles in her life. If you prefer a series, you can study each fruit of the spirit, one at a time. The fruits are found in the chapter of Galatians. Some of the fruits are love, peace, joy, patience and kindness. This study can also lead into deeper studies about baptism and repentance.

Biblical Feast Days

Another ideal bible study for a college women is about the biblical feast days in the bible. These days can teach a college women a lot about God and his plan for humanity. Each feast day has special meaning and symbolism attached. Combining this study with the story of Job and fruits of the spirit will give a woman a good balance of both the old and new testament.

A series of Bible studies about the feast days will teach the ancient path that Jesus and the disciples walked. All of them kept the Holy Days found in (Lev: 23) rather than the traditional holidays, which are kept by many people today. The feasts resemble future events and teach a valuable message about God's plan. Each feast has a vital meaning. You can study each feast day one at time or go through a brief study of all the feast days.

The year begins with the Passover and the days of unleavened bread. The next feast mentioned is Pentecost followed by the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement. The Feast of Tabernacles is next followed by The Last Great Day.